The Best Gift for Geeky Boyfriend That He Will Surely Like

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Finding the best gift for geeky boyfriend can be a challenging yet enjoyable task.

Whether it is for your anniversary or his birthday, you should not be dreadfully buying at the nearest store selling gifts for nerds. Take a breath, pause, and think of, what your geeky boyfriend needs or loves.

To help you, we have compiled 29 of the coolest gifts for geeks where you can choose from. These gifts, on the other hand, are a combination of practical geek stuff with a touch of modern culture that he will surely love.

​No matter how much you budget is, we have got something to suit into it.

29 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Your Geeky Boyfriend

1. The Official BS Button

The Official BS Button

Here’s a hilarious gift for your geeky boyfriend that will help break his stress at work and tickle his funny bone!

This funny ‘Bullshit’ button will call out BS, so your boyfriend does not have to say a word to the annoyers.

With just one press, it will light up and loudly announce “that was BS” or “BS detected, take precautions’. This will probably help him steer clear of the people who talk BS and also bring a smile on his face.

2. 8Bitdo Retro Cube Bluetooth Speaker

8Bitdo Retro Cube Bluetooth Speaker

Whether he is a contemporary retro gamer or an old-school veteran gamer, he is certainly going to like this retro cube wireless Bluetooth speaker!

It’s a decent-sounding speaker with a design that’s inspired by iconic retro gaming systems such as NES.

It has a large D-pad (directional pad or digital pad) for easy control and an 800mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for about 8-hours. Plus, it has upgradeable firmware, so it will always keep up with the latest build available.

3. My Arcade Retro Mini Arcade

My Arcade Retro Mini Arcade

Your geeky boyfriend is going to be nostalgic and appreciative of this My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld Mini Arcade, especially if he loves retro gaming.

It is like a small portable gaming system that features more than 200 preloaded games of various genres, including sports, puzzles, racing, and more. It is a battery-powered mini arcade that runs on 3AAA batteries.

The 2.5″ full-color LCD screen is sharp and crisp, whereas the included speaker provides good audio background. It also has a joystick and button controls for the old-school retro gaming experience.

The 5.75″ high miniature arcade cabinet is perfect for carrying during travels!

​4. Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist

Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist

Marvel Articulated Electronic Fist is a perfect gift for a boyfriend that is a marvel fanatic!

Get some action and feel the power of Thanos in your hand with an articulated fist. All the sound effects are just like that in the ‘Avengers: Infinity war’ movie, and further, it features pulsating stone glow light effects for added amusement.

The 19.5″ Infinity Gauntlet Fist features full finger articulation with infinity stones and fist lock display mode. The large stone in the center will activate FX and movie-inspired sounds, whereas all the other stones give out stunning light effects.

5. Nuvitron Vintage Nixie Tube Clock

Nuvitron Vintage Nixie Tube Clock

Nuvitron Nixie Tube Clock will be a nice, antique gift for your man if he likes vintage decor.

The Nixie Tube clock comes with amazing multicolor LED backlit tubes and an alarm function. It will be a thoughtful gift for literally anyone, as the tube clock is handmade and crafted to perfection.

It is sure to last for years to come, even below its operation point, as it is programmed with a random number sequence.

6. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Let your geeky boyfriend relive the Star Wars saga!

This LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon is the best gift for expert builders who are crazy Star Wars fans.

You can keep it on display as a toy model, or you can spend hours rebuilding it just for recreation. It has over 7541 pieces, myriads of mini-figures, and sensor dishes for added realistic effect.

The overall design of the Falcon is quite intricate with landing legs, quad laser cannons, mini-figure cockpits with detachable canopy, boarding ramp, and more.

7. iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 890 is a highly-rated Robot Vacuum that will save a lot of time and effort of your man.

In today’s busy world, many don’t get time to deep clean their homes. That’s when Roomba 890 comes in. It has a powerful 5X suction for high pickup performance.

Furthermore, it features a detailed 3-stage cleaning system for thorough cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

Its scheduling feature, dirt-detect sensors, auto-docking, and auto-recharging features will surely impress him!

8. ZHANZZK Periodic Table Bathroom Shower Curtain

ZHANZZK Periodic Table Bathroom Shower Curtain

ZHANZZK Periodic Table Bathroom Shower Curtain is a cool and geeky gift, perfect for geeky boyfriends in true sense!

It is a 100% waterproof shower curtain made from polyester that comes with 12 holes and C-shaped hooks for quick installation.

The curtain is quite large as it measures 60″ x 72″. And it shows a periodic table of chemical elements, so your nerdy guy can take his time in the shower!

9. Gradient Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

Gradient Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

Who said puzzles are only for the kids?

Here’s a Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle that has a cool, jazzy and bright design- ideal for your grown up guy. All he has to do is just follow the subtle color hues as they change to complete the puzzle.

There are over 1000 thick pieces in the puzzle featuring premium linen coating to prevent much glare.

It is a nice, art-inspired gift yet quite challenging to cut the time. When he gets it all, he can even hang it on the wall as a decor!

10. Star Wars Socks Collection

Star Wars Socks Collection

This Star Wars Socks Collection is another movie-inspired gift for Star Wars enthusiasts.

It includes 4 pairs of socks that are comfortable, soft, and flaunt iconic movie characters. They go a bit above your ankles, so your boyfriend is sure to feel all cozy and warm in these socks.

11. 16-bit Entertainment System

16-bit Entertainment System

For the nerd in your life, choose this 16-bit entertainment system so he can play Japanese as well as North American SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Games non-stop!

The gaming system can play over 97% of Japanese and American games.

Though games are not included in this pack, the clone video game system is compatible with original SNES games, so your guy can play them as and when he’d like!

It comes with an AC adapter, two controllers and S-video & stereo a/v cables.

12. Jiulyning 6-in-1 Multifunction Pen

Jiulyning 6-in-1 Multifunction Pen

Jiulyning Multifunction Pen is a great novelty gift for your man, especially if he is a tech lover.

Not only is each pen compatible with touch-screen tablets and phones to write notes, but it also comes with multiple small tools to handle DIY home projects.

Each pen has a stylus along with Phillips screwdrivers, ruler, a spirit level, and flat-head screwdrivers for handy use.

Oh, and it even has a ballpoint pen, just in case if you want to write notes on paper as well.

The gift is sure to impress any tech lover or handyman!

13. Heng Balance lamp

Heng Balance lamp

Last but not least, the Heng Balance Lamp by Allocacoc is an excellent innovative gift for a guy who likes unique decor items.

The table lamp has mid-air creative magnetic balls which you need to balance and join together to light it up. It gives a decent, subtle lighting- perfect for getting an elegant look in homes or offices.

14. VIVE Virtual Reality System by HTC

VIVE Virtual Reality System by HTC

Let your geeky boyfriend experience the crazy and mind-blowing world of virtual reality with this HTC VR System.

This virtual reality system is straightforward to set up. Not only that, it is incredibly immersive. It means, this product features a real-life movement that has HD haptic feedback, realistic graphics, and directional audio.

The Vive Virtual Reality System sports a very sleek as well as sturdy design. When it comes to the controllers, they are unique and intuitive.

Another good thing about this is that it comes with two months free trial of Viveport Subscription which is included in your purchase. It also has a headset tracking that covers your maneuvers from floor to ceiling.Plus, It compatible with most PC’s and laptops.

​With this gift, your boyfriend will enjoy more than 2800 games. Nevertheless, it’s considered one of the best tech gifts for men.

15. FreezerBoy Refrigerator Magnets

FreezerBoy Refrigerator Magnets

Make your boyfriend’s refrigerator look like his favorite 80’s video game console with this item.

This magnet is ideal for refrigerators of all sizes. Aside from that, it will also transform a kitchen into an antique shrine.

Furthermore, these magnets will also turn a refrigerator into a massive gaming system. Compared to other fridge decals or stickers, these magnets are 100 percent removable.

Moreover, these magnets won’t leave any marks. Either way, these magnets also fir in laundry machines and dishwashers.

​Nevertheless, it’s a cool gift for gamer and nerd boyfriends.

16. Strandbeest Model Kit by Elenco

Strandbeest Model Kit by Elenco

With this kit, the receiver will be able to create his own mechanical and independent Strandbeest driven by the current of air. It has a stunning and impressive mechanism.

Its 28 pages science guide contains the history of the genuine Strandbeest which Theo Jansen began started building in the year 1990.

Furthermore, the guide also comes with assembly instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best gifts for science nerds.

17. Echo Dot (Second Generation)

Echo Dot (Second Generation)

It’s a voice-controlled speaker which utilizes Alexa to control smart devices, set alarms and timers, play music, make calls, and answer queries.

With this speaker, your boyfriend will be able to play music from Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartradio and TuneIn. Moreover, he can also use this to call you whenever he misses you. Making calls with Echo Dot has never been a difficult task.

One of the best things about this is that it still produces clear and loud sounds even though you are in noisy surroundings.

​The Echo Dot (Second Generation) also sports a compact and sleek design which makes it a convenient addition to the receiver’s room.

18. Parrot Disco FPV Fixed Wing Drone

Parrot Disco FPV Fixed Wing Drone

It is the very first fixed-wing drone which reaches speeds over 50mph. With this cool gadget, the receiver will immerse himself in flight and grasp the world from a new angle.

Its full HD 1080p camera can record breathtaking footage and will make the user feel as if he is flying. Furthermore, its battery guarantees the users a 45-minute battery life letting them extend their flight experience.

To complete the piloting experience, take control of the ultra-precise, compact, and lightweight Parrot Skycontoller 2 which is included in the package.

With it’s optimized Wi-Fi connection, users can stream live videos on their smartphone using the FreeFlight Pro application.

19. VersionTECH Stereo Gaming Headset

VersionTECH Stereo Gaming Headset

A definitive gaming headset that is made for gamers who are looking for clear communication and excellent game sound.

This headset sports an exclusive design to give excellent noise isolation and clarity. Since this headset can offer excellent audio quality, your nerd boyfriend who loves playing computer games will surely immerse himself in the game.

Furthermore, it is a skin-friendly headset and made of the elastic cotton pad making your gaming experience more enjoyable. 

20. 4M Tin Can Robot

4M Tin Can Robot

Challenge your boyfriend’s imagination with this Tin Can Robot from 4M. This is ideal for scientists, and it teaches the user the value of reusing by repurposing a utilized can of soda into a functional and moving robot.

Moreover, the included equipment allows the user to create a silly robot, motorized monster, or a combination of two.

​Nevertheless, this kit comes with necessary accessories, easy-to-follow instructions, and components.

21. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo Switch the receiver of this gift will be able to play his favorite games anytime and anywhere as this device can be in use on the go.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch allows its user to play particular online games without any problem.

For more playing styles, users can remove the attachable Joy-Con from the whichever side of the Nintendo Switch and use it. Also, user can connect Nintendo Switch to TV and enjoy playing in his home. 

22. Deluxe Biomechanical Spinal Armor

Deluxe Biomechanical Spinal Armor

Looking for unusual gifts for your partner? Then the Deluxe Biomechanical Spinal Armor is something worth getting.

This full-length spinal armor sports glowing vertebrae that looks great and fantastic. Moreover, the vertebrae and spine are created using aluminum materials while the neck/shoulder piece is made of thick plastic that has LED grill lighting and aluminum highlights.

​Nevertheless, this is available in three different sizes.

23. Electricity Power Generator by Sunnytech

Electricity Power Generator by Sunnytech

Inspire your boyfriend’s creativity and curiosity with this wonderful geeky gift from Sunnytech.

The Stirling engine of this power generator features a colorful LED and utilize the heat by an alcohol lamp to generate electricity.

The electric, on the other hand, will light the LED light to give off different colors. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity for the recipient to investigate how does Stirling engine work.

​Either way, this piece of device is very easy to operate and well made.

24. Sphero Original BB-8

Sphero Original BB-8

If your boyfriend is a Star Wars fan, then he needs this Sphero BB-8 Robot. This device will display a wide variety of expressions. Apart from that, it will also perk up especially when you deliver voice commands.

The good thing about this item is that you can guide BB-8 yourself, view and make holographic, and watch your Droid travel around autonomously. 

​BB-8 isn’t only a toy. It’s a great companion.

25. Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a beautiful device that challenges and defies the conventional ways of listening to music.

This floating speaker is created to perfection. Furthermore, its spinning orb comes equipped with a premium quality speaker that allows the user to play music at high levels. You can connect your phone or tablet to it through Bluetooth connection and enjoy your music.

​Aside from being an impressive speaker, you can also use this to charge your smartphones and tablets when it is connected to an uninterrupted power source, as it comes with a built-in USB port.

26. Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

Any Star Wars fan will surely drool over these Star Wars inspired ice trays. This set of eight ice trays is made of 100 percent durable food-grade pure silicone materials.

Furthermore, these trays can be utilized in oven, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer. With this present, the receiver can make his original chocolates, jello, candles, crayons, and of course, ice cubes.

​Either way, this non-toxic and FDA approved product is very flexible, durable, heat resistance, and shatter resistance. So you are certain that your boyfriend will use these trays for several repeated uses.

27. Minecraft Piper Computer Kit

Minecraft Piper Computer Kit

Let your geeky boyfriend construct his computer by giving this Minecraft Piper Computer Kit to him. This stuff can increase creativity confidence.

Either way, this computer kit comes with:

  • – Handcrafted and beautiful wooden computer case that has an HD LCD
  • – Electronic gadgets such as LED lights, sensors, switches, buttons, and buzzers
  • – 8 sq. foot laminated blueprint that shows how to set a piper computer properly
  • – Cables and power bank (6600 mAh)
  • – 8GB SD Card which holds the game process as well as keeps the creations safe
  • – Piper Screwdriver
  • – USB mouse w/ a retractable cable

​In addition to the features mentioned above, this item has also sharing capabilities and is Wi-Fi-enabled.

28. Abong Handcrafted Mechanical Wooden Pendulum Clock

Abong Handcrafted Mechanical Wooden Pendulum Clock

Does your partner loves doing DIY project? Then this gift idea is worth considering.

This hand and beautifully crafted wooden pendulum clock can be assembled with ease. However, it requires patience to build but once you have finished assembling this clock all your effort and patience will be worth it.

What we mean is, you will surely enjoy its exceptional beauty and mesmerizing movement of the winding gears and swinging pendulum.

​This item is not only aesthetically appealing but fully functional as well. To this DIY project you need to prepare a wood glue, razor saw, and sandpaper.

29. Iron Reaver Stainless Steel Blackened Silver Finger Claw

Iron Reaver Stainless Steel Blackened Silver Finger Claw

Another excellent gift for geeky boyfriend that deserves your attention.

However, as the name implies, this finger claw is made of stainless steel that is very durable. Furthermore, it is very comfortable to wear and perfectly fits the wearer’s finger.

​Design-wise, the Iron Reaver Finger Claw is incredible.


While all the gifts mentioned above are not created the same, and each of them comes with unique features, they have one thing in common that they will make your partner happy.

As a result, whichever present you buy for the nerd or geek in your life, you are sure that he will love and appreciate it.

​Hopefully, you will be able to find the best gift for your geeky boyfriend for his birthday or as a Christmas gift that suits his needs and your budget with the help of this content.

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