17 Best Gift for Truck Drivers: Getting the Perfect Gift for Truckers

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Christmas is getting closer and closer, which means it’s time to buy and cover presents for your favorite people. And that includes your favorite truck driver.

​You might have been working with this person or just randomly met him on his working place and became good friends. As a thank, you for being a kind and hardworking person, why not give him a gift that he would like? Check out the truck driver gifts below.

17 Best Gift for Truck Drivers

​1. Airbedz Pro3 Truck Mattress

Airbedz Pro3 Truck Mattress

As you know, most truck drivers mostly spend their nights on the road. They would either be pulled up on the side of the road to have a bit of shut-eye or continues to drive to their destinations without a single hour or minute of sleep.

Therefore, they most probably have spent a lot of uncomfortable nights on the road.

For better sleep or brief rest, you should probably get this mattress that is specifically designed to fit on truck beds, perfect for the hard working truck drivers.

2. Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera Recorder

Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera Recorder

Supposedly, every car needs to have a dash cam on them for a lot of reasons. This includes truck drivers.

For them to record all the things that happen on the road, they would need a good dash cam with a full HD recording.

It records in HD, in a 170-degree angle, Loop recording, and has an automatic accident detector.

Once it detects a collision, the newly recorded video will be locked to ensure that the video is protected, which prevents it from being overwritten.

This can be one of the best gifts for truck drivers that you can give.

3. Stopsleep Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers

Stopsleep Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers

Truck drivers mostly drive on the wee hours of night time. Therefore, they are more likely to fall asleep on the road while driving.

That is not a good sign as they might get into an accident.

Therefore, they would need something that could alert or warn them to avoid sleeping on the road.

This device can monitor your electrodermal activity, which will then instantly alert you once you reach a certain level of concentration 

​This can be one of the best gadgets for truck drivers.

​4. Garmin 5-inch GPS Navigator

Garmin 5-inch GPS Navigator

As a truck driver, having a GPS device is a necessity as they often go to places that aren’t familiar to them.

This Garmin device is the perfect GPS navigator for truck drivers and trailer services.

This excellent device can track the maintenance, the hours of service, even the use of fuel, and so much more.

​It also has a customized truck routing for the weight and size of your truck. This can be one of the best gifts for people who drive a lot.

​5. Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion Chair Pillow

Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion Chair Pillow

Provide your favorite truck driver with the ultimate comfort with this luxurious chair pillow.

Driving for hours without rest can cause a great strain on the back and the butt. This is good stuff for truck drivers.

So as an addition to the level of comfort, provide your friend with a great chair pillow to help prevent or at least lessen the strain that they feel.

​This pillow can provide them with instant relief from feeling sore or stiff, or experience a back, tailbone, or Coccyx pain.

​6. Cooluli Portable Refrigerator

Cooluli Portable Refrigerator

It can make a truck driver happy if they have their mini fridge in their trucks. So why not give him a gift like this product?

This cool cow-designed mini fridge does not only cool beverages, but it can also heat foods which is a great thing if you are driving.

Truck drivers always keep with them a bottle of water or other beverages to keep their selves hydrated.

​As you know, most trucks don’t have an air conditioner which is why bringing water is necessary.

7. Leatherman Multitool

Leatherman Multitool

It is essential for everybody, not only for truck drivers, to bring a multi-tool with them in case of an emergency.

This Wingman tool is a great go-to tool as it has 14 different kinds of the device in just one item.

This product is equipped with a wire stripper, knife, screwdriver, pliers, wire cutter, file, ruler, a bottle and can openers, scissors, and a package opener.

Since it’s lightweight and has a compact design, it makes an excellent tool for drivers that often need the use of specific devices like a screwdriver.

8. Rainleaf Microfiber Travel towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Travel towel

Since most truck vehicles don’t have air conditioners on them, the drivers would often feel hot and sweat a lot of times.

Therefore, they would always need to bring a hand towel with them. But instead of a regular towel, why not give your friend a special towel that dries up quickly.

This microfiber towel is fast drying, antibacterial, super absorbent, compact, very light, and very soft to the skin.

​Send your friend a high-class towel that can be very handy to them during their travels.

9. Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

Being a truck driver is not an easy job, there would be times that you would be driving for a few days to get to your destination.

Most of the times, drivers only bring with them a couple of change of clothes to re-freshen their selves a bit. But what if they no more change of clothes left? It will suck if they have to buy new clothes.

So as a way of saving money and laundry load, give him a portable washing machine that he can use for his long travels.

​This Scrubba product can wash clothes that are of machine quality. It’s a great gift to give as it can help them save money.

10. Timberland Driver Work Boots

Timberland Driver Work Boots

As a driver of a big vehicle such as trucks, you’ll need highly durable working boots that can withstand the rough nature of your work.

And as a truck driver, they don’t just simply drive a large vehicle; they will also be times where they need to carry and transfer loads of it.

Also, this boots can also protect your foot in case of a collision, or when it gets fallen with a heavy object. The boots are made of leather and rubber soles.

​It features a premium waterproof, rustproof, and speed lace hardware for secure lacing.

11. Handyman Flex Grip Driver Work Gloves

Handyman Flex Grip Driver Work Gloves

Truck drivers that always drive around from place to place will sometimes get calluses on their hands.

In case you don’t know, driving large or semi-large trucks is not as easy as driving a small or family car.

It requires a bit of strength from the drivers to turn it in the desired direction. As safety and protective, why don’t you give him a present that can protect his hands from getting calluses from driving a lot of times?

These gloves are shrink resistant, great for cold weathers; it perfectly stays on the hands, flexible, and snag proof.

​12. Stanley Mountain 3-in-1 Coffee System

Stanley Mountain 3-in-1 Coffee System

Coffee is an employee and worker’s best friend. The added caffeine in your system can keep you awake and energized, which can help you have more energy to finish up your job.

This vacuum insulated jar can keep your beverage hot for at least 13 hours, or cold for about 11 hours.

This not only works for drinks, but it also works great for foods also. It is made with an 18/8 stainless steel construction so it won’t rust.

​The jar is also naturally BPA-free. It also includes an integrated spork, leak-proof, and bulk packed.

13. Audio Books

Audio Book

Going for a long drive on your own can be boring, which can lead the driver to get drowsy.

So to prevent the driver from dozing off, he would need to listen to music. Or even much better, he should listen to audiobooks to keep him entertained on the road.

An audiobook is what the name suggests. It is a book, but instead of simply reading it, there would be some actors and actresses that read the stories for a hands-free novel reading.

​Choose a book that you like and listen to the story that it would tell while you are driving down the road. This is one of the unique practical gifts that you can give.

​14. AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit

AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit

Toilet breaks will often happen if you are traveling to a far-away place.

Rather than having your toilet items scattered in your travel bag, or in the vehicle, you should keep it organized with this toilet kit for more convenient travel.

This product is designed with an internal lining so that you can easily wipe down the spills and leaks. 

​If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for truck drivers, then this toilet kit can be one of your best choices.

15. CJ&M Trucker Keychain

CJ&M Trucker Keychain

If you have a husband or boyfriend that is a truck driver, why don’t you give a keychain where he can chain up his car keys.

Aside from being a useful keychain, you chain can also help remind him always to drive safely.

If you aren’t married or tied to anyone but have a dad that is a trucker, why not get one of these presents for truck drivers? It would make your dad very happy. It is one of the best gifts for truck driving dads.

​16. I just Dropped a Load Trucker T-shirt

I just Dropped a Load Trucker T-shirt

Here are another practical gifts for truckers that you can get for Christmas.

Since truckers often change their shirts after sweating a lot because of the hot weather, or after unloading tons of stuff from the truck, why not just give him a nice shirt that he can use? Rather than a simple shirt, you should get something that has a funny design like this shirt.

​This shirt is made of 100% cotton which is an excellent fabric for hot, humid weathers. The shirt is available in asphalt, black, brown, dark heather, and in navy colors. You can purchase it on Amazon.

​17. Trucker Coffee Mug

Trucker Coffee Mug

This mug can be one of the right gifts for new drivers. Here is a funny gag gift that you can give for your favorite trucker.

The mug can hold up about 11-ounces of coffee or any types of beverages that he wishes to drink. The design of the cup is imprinted on both sides of it.

This also makes an excellent cup for teas because of its large, and easy to grip C-handle. Also of convenience, the product is safe to be placed in microwaves and dishwashers. 

​You don’t have to worry about exploding appliances. Aside from a Christmas gift, this is also perfect to give for a trucker birthday.


Looking for the best gift for truck drivers isn’t very hard to do. The person that you want to give the gift to would probably accept anything from you.

But since you want to get something for him that he can use for work, you decided to look for a present that is suitable for truckers.

As a summary, you can either get your trucker a truck mattress, dashboard cam, anti-sleep alarm, GPS navigator, chair pillow, a mini fridge, a multi-tool, travel towel, portable laundry bag, a working boots, gloves for drivers, a coffee jug, an audiobook, toiletry kit, keychain, a t-shirt, or maybe a good coffee mug as a partner for his coffee jug.

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