13 Creative and Useful Best Gift Ideas for Photographers

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It’s not easy being a photographer. So many people take up photography but never really see it through. Maybe they don’t understand what a photograph means. Or perhaps they don’t have the patience to wait and wait, braving the elements, holding out for that perfect moment when can they depress the tip of their index finger on the magic button and capture the scene forever.

With all the advances in cell phone cameras, it’s become so much easier to take a picture or video. So easy, that people can take hundreds or thousands of shots in a day.

So, what is the value of one snapshot, when there are so many of them? Only the photographer can answer that. And a shutterbug will certainly appreciate this list featuring 13 of the best gifts for photographers. Some of them are serious accessories, others less so, but they’re all guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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​1. Photo Umbrella

Photography isn’t just about capturing the outdoors. It’s also about creating and preserving a scene.

Whether it’s a couple taking their first picture as newlyweds, or parents wanting to capture that gap-toothed smile before it changes forever, or even the yuppie posing in a suit for the perfect passport pic, the studio photographer has his work cut out for him to get that picture perfectly right. And in the studio, lighting is everything.

The LimoStudio Photo Umbrella diffuses the light from a camera flash and reflects light evenly to prevent bright spots and glare. Made from custom photo fabric, this umbrella is lightweight and easy to install.

At a bargain price, this quality lighting umbrella gives you excellent utility for your money. The best photographers who work in studios will certainly appreciate this gift.

​2. Black Pixelated Sunglasses

Black Pixelated Sunglasses

Digital photographs are made out of millions of pixels. What better way to make a photographer stand out than to stick some pixels on him?

The MJ Eyewear Pixelated Sunglasses are a wonderful gift for the photography lover with a sense of humor. This novelty, non-polarized sunglasses have a rubberized frame and dark plastic lenses and come with an elegant silk pouch for storage. If you’re looking for photographer gifts that feature photogenic style, then this one is for you.

3. Camera Lens Travel Thermos

Camera Lens Travel Thermos

A thermos that looks like a real Nikon zoom lens. Really. You can’t imagine a shutterbug not liking this one. You could even fool the ignorant into believing that you’re sipping coffee out of a real lens!

While it looks like it should be attached to a professional photography camera, it’s got a stainless-steel insulated cup and will safely hold your beverage of choice.

Whether you’re playing a joke on someone or adding utility to your photographer buddy’s backpack, the Camera Lens Coffee Mug Travel Thermos is an eyeball-grabbing gift for the lensman who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

4. Nikon Camera Shaped USB Flash Drive

Nikon Camera Shaped USB Flash Drive

Take novelty to a whole other level with this tiny USB flash drive in the shape of a Nikon camera bag. The memory stick has 8 GB of storage and can be used to store your pictures, audio files or whatever data you need to store.

Even if you don’t intend to save anything on it, the 8GB Nikon Camera Shaped 8GB USB Flash Drive looks cute and makes an excellent gift for funny newbie photographers and experienced pros alike.

​5. Camera LED Keychain

Camera LED Keychain

Keychains are normally used to keep your keys organized in one place. But sometimes you don’t buy a keychain for the keys,  but the thing hanging off the other end. In this case, a miniature camera model.

It doesn’t have any of the stuff actually to take pictures with. But it looks cool, and it’s got a little click button that will make a camera shutter sound and switch on a bright LED light.

Equipped with three tiny button cell batteries the LED Camera Keychain with Sound is a nice little novelty gift for photographers and non-photographers alike.

6. Rogue Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit

Rogue Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit

There’s only so much one can do with digital filters applied with computer software. Sometimes you need real light to do the job for you. So, how do you turn the light green if you need to? Or purple? You use a genuine filter, that’s how.

Rogue Lighting Filter Kit consists of 20 filters and 14 color effects. Cut from the professionally coated polyester film from LEE Filters UK, these filters are made from durable material and coated on both sides to provide perfect lighting consistency. The tabbed design ensures easy attachment to speedlights and the filters can be combined to give you exactly the right shade you need.

Each gel is conveniently printed with the LEE Filter color as well as the f/stop loss value, and the tabs are designed to fit on a wide range of flashes from all the top brands. The gels come with a padded storage pouch equipped with dividers to keep your filters organized.

Photography devices don’t come any more practical then this gift for the professional photographer who’s picky about his lighting.

​7. HD Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter

HD Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter

In November 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary announced the word “selfie” as the word of the year. In the earlier days, you had to switch on a camera timer and run for dear life to appear in the frame on time. But now, taking a self-portrait has never been easier, and you’ve never had so many options to take the perfect selfie.

The Premium Bluetooth Remote Control Selfie Camera Shutter makes it possible for you to position your mobile phone at a distance and then click away with total freedom. Compatible with all major iOS and Android devices, this tiny little Bluetooth shutter has a 30-foot range and packs Panasonic battery tech to give you 100 hours of use.

With the latest Bluetooth technology, you can instantly pair the shutter with the device of your choice and start clicking away immediately. Take group shots, videos, selfies and more with this ultra-portable gadget.

Whether you’re a pro or a casual photo-enthusiast, this remote shutter is one of the best photographer gifts for the shutterbug who loves to be part of the picture.

8.  JOBY Original Tripod

JOBY Original Tripod

You know what a camera tripod looks like, right? 3 legs? Check. Camera mount? Check. But with the JOBY GorillaPod Tripod, the similarities with conventional camera tripods end there. Designed to stand almost anywhere, this little tripod looks a bit alien. But its functionality is amazing.

Its rugged design includes medical-grade ABS plastic, German TPE and stainless steel. Capable of carrying up to 7 times its weight, this 45g tripod with incredibly flexible legs can give you a stable platform for your camera on almost any surface.

Whether you’re taking pictures from a railway platform, a mountainside or the branches of a tall tree, the Joby has your back. Just wrap the octopus-style flexible legs around a pole, branch or rock and get in position for the perfect shot.

Lightweight and portable, the Joby is a truly iconic camera accessory that will make an excellent photographer birthday gift for the explorer shutterbug.

9.Canvas Camera Shoulder Bag

Canvas Camera Shoulder Bag

Photographers go places. A lot of diverse places. And they can’t carry their expensive camera and accessories in their hands or slung around their necks the whole time. But all those items need to be well-packed and within easy reach should the opportunity for an award-winning photo suddenly arise.

The S-ZONE Canvas Camera Shoulder Bag is the perfect way to tote all your camera stuff around with you wherever you go. Made from rugged materials, this bag weighs only 2.8 pounds and has two separate storage areas – one for your photography equipment and another for anything else.

It comes with a rain cover and a separate pocket to store it, so you don’t have to worry about protecting your expensive DSLR from the elements. The design is stylish and functional without being over the top so that you don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself.

The best photographers would love to carry their equipment around in cool camera bags, and this rucksack would make an excellent gift for the next photographer birthday.

10. Waterproof Selfie Stick

Waterproof Selfie Stick

The GoPro action camera forever changed the way people looked at cameras. And the market exploded with accessories for this powerful little device. And the Mystery Handheld Waterproof Underwater Sport Selfie Stick stands out from the crowd for both its utility, design, and looks.

Designed specifically for your GoPro action cam, this little selfie stick needs no additional adapters and mounts directly to the camera casing. The floating handgrip is versatile and has a chamber designed to keep the stick submerged when filled with water and to float when empty. This makes it a breeze for you take awesome selfie captures at or below water level.

It comes with an adjustable wrist strap, and the handle is made of non-slip material for a firmer grip. Whether you’re kayaking, scuba diving, surfing or just indulging in casual Christmas photography, this selfie stick is a great accessory to record all your adventures. A cool photography gift for water sports enthusiasts.

11. Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Unless you’re some perv, the last place you expect to see a camera is in the bathroom. So, if you see the Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder hanging next to the toilet seat, you can be excused for doing a double take.

This item looks exactly like the classic Polaroid camera, and for extra authenticity, it even comes with a roll of printed toilet paper. You don’t always have to purchase the printed roll. Standard toilet paper will work just as fine. But it does add to the fun of it all.

Imagine someone taken by surprise the first time they reach for it, wondering if they’re being filmed. Hilarious! The ultimate gag gift for shutterbugs and non-shutterbugs alike.

12. Solar Charger with 3 USB Ports

Solar Charger  with 3 USB Ports

Conventional batteries can cause all sorts of health and environmental problems because of their toxic content and low life spans. That’s why solar power is catching on as the modern energy source of choice.

No longer restricted to massive, refrigerator-sized contraptions, solar panels are now smaller and more ergonomic. And they can be designed for use in everyday life. The RAVPower 24W Solar Charger is a great example of the recent leaps and bounds in solar tech.

Lightweight and easily foldable, this solar charger comes with 3 USB ports equipped with iSmart technology, which can automatically optimize the current delivered to the connected devices.

Never again worry about running out of juice for your digital camera when you’re out hiking or trekking. This solar charger is a cool photography gift for the adventurous photographer who ventures far away from civilization get the perfect snapshot.

13. 10MP Video Camera on Glasses

10MP Video Camera on Glasses

Selfie sticks and action cams are useful to the dedicated cameraman, but sometimes you just want to be hands-free to do your own thing.

These fully functional Video Sunglasses with UV protection are beautifully designed, with a lightweight frame and rugged construction to withstand all weather conditions. The 10 Mp video camera takes high-quality video and is powered by a 650 MA battery that packs 90 minutes of operation time in a single charge. You can also charge while recording.

One button starts and stops the recording, and dual stereo microphones ensure crystal clear sound quality. Suitable for recording any activity, indoors or outdoors, these camera glasses make the perfect gifts for a photographer.


Keyboards don’t write stories. Writers do. And cameras don’t take pictures. Photographers do.

Whether they’re recording exotic adventures, capturing images of elusive nocturnal animals, or just taping a child’s birthday party, shutterbugs are everywhere, and there are millions of moments being captured as still or moving pictures every second of every day.

While some items on this list are high-tech gadgets designed for serious lensmen, others are lighter and are meant to draw a smile or a raised eyebrow. Whatever their purpose, we’re sure you know someone who’s going to love one or more of these gift items for photographers as birthday or Christmas gifts

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