• Best Salt for Reef Tank and Full Buying Guide on How to Choose The Right One

    Choosing the best salt for the reef tank requires quite a bit of research to determine the right salt mixture for your coral. It is important to note that every reef tank needs a different kind of salt mixture to achieve ideal parameters. Salt is also an essential part of the reef tank maintenance just because …

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  • Best Sand for Reef Tank

    6 Best Sand for Reef Tank and Important Things To Look Out For When Setting Up a Reef Tank

    A reef tank is a marine aquarium where you can display live corals and other marine invertebrates. However, maintaining a coral in your aquarium might be difficult. Reef tanks require appropriate lightning, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than an ordinary tank. The sand plays the most important role in a reef tank. It …

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  • HOB Protein Skimmer 101:Why do you need them

    HOB Protein Skimmer 101: Why do you need them and what you should buy

    Protein skimmers are an important piece of equipment to any expert aquarium owner. These machines help keep organic wastes under control. They are crucial for maintaining good water quality. While some might associate them with professional water treatment or public aquariums, seasoned hobbyists know the importance of having a HOB protein skimmer in your tank. Although you might …

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