• How Long do Betta Fish Live

    How Long do Betta Fish Live? (+Tips On How to Increase Their Life)

    Do you know how long a healthy betta lives? There are so many misconceptions about betta that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. For one thing, some people think that it is normal for bettas to have short lifespans. As with many other pets, it’s important to ask key questions – is this normal? …

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  • How often do you need to feed your betta fish?

    How Often Do You Need To Feed Your Betta Fish?

    New pet owners are often confused by the question “how often should I feed my betta fish?” Although it may seem like a straightforward question, there are different factors which must be considered when designing a feeding schedule for your fish. Are you someone who feeds their betta regularly throughout the day? In the fish-keeping community, …

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  • 5 Best Betta Water Conditioner Reviews with Advanced Guide

    5 Best Betta Water Conditioner Reviews with Advanced Guide

    A water conditioner can drastically improve the water quality in a betta fish tank. A small betta tank can easily get polluted with toxins like nitrates and nitrites. Even when you are adding tap water, you are apparently adding harmful chemicals like chlorine and chloramines. The best betta water conditioner will not only remove the harmful …

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  • Best Water for Betta Fish

    The Best Water for Betta Fish Tank On The Market

    Bettas are a favorite among first-time hobbyists. Their dramatic tails and striking colors make them a gorgeous addition to any family. Their ability to survive in rather minimal conditions have led to many myths and misconceptions over their true ideal conditions. Are you able to tell fact from fiction? Table of Content What kind of Water can …

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  • 7 Best Filter for Betta and Advanced Buying Guide!

    7 Best Filter for Betta and Advanced Buying Guide!

    Bettas are amazing! They can inhale oxygen from the air directly if there is a scarcity of oxygen in the tank. Maybe, that’s why a lot of betta owners ignore the importance of a filter. It’s a huge mistake! If you are willing to provide a healthy habitat for your betta, you must get a filter. Apart …

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  • Best Betta Food and Complete Guide on How to Feed Your Betta Fish

    Best Betta Food and Complete Guide on How to Feed Your Betta Fish

    There are many things you should know in order to properly take care of Bettas. Their greedy appetite can sometimes be a problem especially for beginners who are new to Bettas. Betta fish are unique species that require special eating routine and diet in order to remain healthy. Unlike other fish that follow plant-based diets, bettas …

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  • Betta Care

    The Complete Guide To Betta Care And Care Sheet

    Betta fish are a very popular pet. Due to their low maintenance and gorgeous coloration. Just because they are a hardy Betta Care fish does not mean that they have no standards.  There are many misconceptions over their preferred conditions. How much do you know about Bettas? Table of Content Why ​Do ​People ​Keep ​Bettas?What types of …

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Best Heater for Betta Fish Tank

    The Ultimate Guide to Best Heater for Betta Fish Tank

    Betta, being a tropical fish, feels comfortable in a warmer environment. So, do betta fish need a heater? Yes, they do! A betta fish prefers living in temperature ranging from 78°F to 80°F (25.5°C to 26.5°C). If the temperature starts to drop below 72°F (22°C) or rise above 86°F (30°C), their lives can hang by a thread! Moreover, …

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  • Top 5 Best Substrate for Betta Fish and How to Choose the Right One

    Unfortunately, too many Betta owners forget the importance of substrate. They don’t know that it is vital for keeping your Bettas healthy. Usually, people pick their substrate by color or pricing or even choose not to put any substrate at all, which can turn out to be a massive problem for the fish. In this article, …

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  • Best Betta Tank Mates

    Betta Tank Mates: The Complete Guide To The Best Betta Tank Mates

    Siamese Fighting Fish, as their name suggests, have a reputation for being a little aggressive. Their tendency to battle with other fish have made them desirable for those intrigued in now mostly outlawed fish fights. Nowadays, enthusiasts admire the fish for their beauty and keep them as an aesthetic pet. Unfortunately, years of selective breeding for violent …

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  • Top 10 Best Betta Fish Tanks To Choose From

    The Best Tank/Aquarium For Betta Fish On The Market

    Finding the right betta fish tanks for your home can be tricky, just because you must consider different product features to create the perfect environment for the fish. The Betta fish is a popular aquarium fish all around the world due to their beautiful bright colors, which makes them incredibly appealing. However, you have to …

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  • A Guide To Buying The Best Plants For Your Betta Fish

    A Guide To Buying The Best Plants For Your Betta Fish

    If you own a Betta fish, You might’ve thought about livening up their home with some nice plants that regulate the oxygen levels and allow the fish to snuggle among the leaves. In addition to that, Betta fish remain healthier and live longer when their tank resembles a natural underwater ecosystem, so adding some plants …

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  • Types of Betta Fish

    Types of Betta Fish: By Color, Pattern, And Tail With Photo And Video

    Betta Fish are a colorful member of the gourami family. Originally bred for heightened aggression, hobbyists kept these fish to battle. Nowadays, they’re known for their striking appearance. Selective breeding led to the creation of many distinct types of Betta Fish for us to enjoy. How many do you know? Quick Navigation Betta Fish Tail Types1. Crowntail Betta2. …

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