• Best LED Aquarium Lighting

    How to Choose the Best LED Aquarium Lighting? A Definitive Guide

    Getting aquarium lights is not a luxury but a necessity. If you are planning to have plants in the tank, then think of the lights as a must. Among all types of lights, certainly LED prevails superiority above the others. With the LED lights being too popular, you can find an abundance of options available in …

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  • Best Sand for Reef Tank

    6 Best Sand for Reef Tank and Important Things To Look Out For When Setting Up a Reef Tank

    A reef tank is a marine aquarium where you can display live corals and other marine invertebrates. However, maintaining a coral in your aquarium might be difficult. Reef tanks require appropriate lightning, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than an ordinary tank. The sand plays the most important role in a reef tank. It …

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  • Best Koi Food

    A Guide to Choose the Best Koi Food

    Koi have a unique food habit that changes with the season. So, you will have to be extra careful about choosing the best koi food. Moreover, you will have to consider the habitat too. Are you keeping the fish in the pond or the tank? There is a lot to consider and a lot of questions to …

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  • Best Food for Guppies: The Comprehensive Guide

    Best Food for Guppies: The Comprehensive Guide

    When it comes to food, guppies tend not to be very selective. They will probably eat anything that connects with their palates. But you should be picky as they are not. Offering the wrong food might harm your guppies very much – it can even lead to fatal diseases. So, what should feed to your guppies? Well, there …

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  • Best Cichlid Food

    Review of the Best Cichlid Food and Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Cichlid Fish

    Finding the best cichlid food might be difficult in most cases just because you have to pay attention to several things. Firstly, you have to provide the best cichlid food to give them the right nutrients to grow and look their best. Second, you have to understand how these fish live in the wild because …

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  • Goldfish Nutrition Guide

    Goldfish Nutrition Guide: What is The Best Food for Goldfish?

    Goldfish aren’t picky eaters – they will gobble down food until there is nothing left. The problem doesn’t lie with feeding but with overfeeding! So, if you don’t have 100% control over what they are having for lunch and dinner, they will soon become sick and might even die! One the other hand, if you take care …

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  • Best HOB Filter

    A Guide to Select the Best HOB Filter: Review + Buying Guide

    Day-by-day, more and more fish keepers, are getting interested in getting a Hang on Back or HOB type for their tanks. The reasons are also very simple. These filters are sleek yet powerful, and very easy to maintain. Most of the HOB filters will also have the three-stage filtration process that takes care of every kind …

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  • The Advanced Guide on Best Plants for Goldfish Tank

    The Advanced Guide on Best Plants for Goldfish Tank

    Nothing can enhance the living conditions and the aquatic environment of a goldfish tank better than plants. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the plants as a tool for beautification; they can improve the water quality to a great extent too. So, do goldfish need plants? It’s not mandatory, but it is a beautiful thing to …

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  • A Guide to the Best Aquarium Wave Maker

    A Guide to the Best Aquarium Wave Maker | With Review & Buying Guide

    Fish thrive better in a water body that has waves and currents. Well, naturally, they are used to live in such conditions. The good news is that you can create such an environment artificially with a wave maker. A wavemaker is not just a tool to enhance the looks of the aquarium set up but also …

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  • Top 4 Best Substrate for Goldfish

    Top 4 Best Substrate for Goldfish and Guide How to Choose The Right One

    Every goldfish owner needs to make decisions before they jump into the fishkeeping hobby. Choosing the best substrate for goldfish is one of the decisions that will have a big impact on your goldfish’s health. There are different things that you have to take into consideration to make sure you create the perfect environment for …

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  • Do Goldfish Need a Heater?

    Do Goldfish Need a Heater?

    The ultimate goal of an aquarium hobbyist is to mimic the tank so that the fish can love their best lives. As room temperature is often not an adequate means of achieving the right temperature, devices are sometimes used to warm or cool a tank. Every fish has very different needs, and you might be surprised to …

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  • Top 5 Best Filters for Goldfish

    Top 5 Best Filters for Goldfish and Guide How to Choose the Right One

    There are many things to know before you decide to buy your aquarium kit. The best way to buy all the necessary equipment that will keep your fish healthy all the time is if you research that field. Many beginners want to own a beautiful aquarium and get into the fish keeping hobby without knowing …

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  • Best Goldfish Tank

    Best Goldfish Tank Review with Advanced Buying Guide

    There is no doubt that goldfish are one of the most popular options for a fish keeper. The statement is even truer for a beginner fish keeper. But things can be very confusing for the newbies. The goldfish market is quite saturated. There are thousands of products to choose from. So, how can you choose the …

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  • Best Goldfish Tankmates

    Best Goldfish Tankmates

    IntroductionGoldfish are a classic pet that has adorned households for centuries. Whether you picked one up at the local pet shop or won one in a state fair, you have probably been exposed to some misconceptions about their care. Goldfish are often advertised as these fish who can remain happy and healthy in small, solitary bowls. This …

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  • 5 Best Betta Water Conditioner Reviews with Advanced Guide

    5 Best Betta Water Conditioner Reviews with Advanced Guide

    A water conditioner can drastically improve the water quality in a betta fish tank. A small betta tank can easily get polluted with toxins like nitrates and nitrites. Even when you are adding tap water, you are apparently adding harmful chemicals like chlorine and chloramines. The best betta water conditioner will not only remove the harmful …

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  • The Ultimate Guide on Best Nitrate Remover for Freshwater Aquarium

    Nitrate contamination is almost an inevitable part of any kind of aquarium. No matter what you do, nitrates will be produced eventually. The root cause of this problem is the nitrogen cycle. The cycle starts with the creation of any waste. Such waste could be uneaten fish food, fish poop, dead plants or leaves, or any …

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  • HOB Protein Skimmer 101:Why do you need them

    HOB Protein Skimmer 101: Why do you need them and what you should buy

    Protein skimmers are an important piece of equipment to any expert aquarium owner. These machines help keep organic wastes under control. They are crucial for maintaining good water quality. While some might associate them with professional water treatment or public aquariums, seasoned hobbyists know the importance of having a HOB protein skimmer in your tank. Although you might …

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  • Best Water for Betta Fish

    The Best Water for Betta Fish Tank On The Market

    Bettas are a favorite among first-time hobbyists. Their dramatic tails and striking colors make them a gorgeous addition to any family. Their ability to survive in rather minimal conditions have led to many myths and misconceptions over their true ideal conditions. Are you able to tell fact from fiction? Table of Content What kind of Water can …

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  • Best Automatic Fish Feeder

    Complete Guide on How to Choose the Best Automatic Fish Feeder That Will Make Your Job Much Easier

    Since you decided to keep fish in your house as a hobby, you have to be aware that it can take quite a bit of your time to take care of them properly. Sometimes, we just don’t have enough time to spare, which does not necessarily mean that you cannot keep fish. Many things can …

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  • 7 Best Filter for Betta and Advanced Buying Guide!

    7 Best Filter for Betta and Advanced Buying Guide!

    Bettas are amazing! They can inhale oxygen from the air directly if there is a scarcity of oxygen in the tank. Maybe, that’s why a lot of betta owners ignore the importance of a filter. It’s a huge mistake! If you are willing to provide a healthy habitat for your betta, you must get a filter. Apart …

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