• Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

    How to Choose the Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner for Gravel

    One of the hardest parts of fishkeeping is maintenance. No matter what, you can’t escape cleaning your aquarium periodically and performing regular maintenance duties. But when it comes to aquarium maintenance duties, your best friend will be a good aquarium vacuum cleaner. However, choosing the best aquarium vacuum cleaner for gravel is not an easy task. …

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  • How Long do Betta Fish Live

    How Long do Betta Fish Live? (+Tips On How to Increase Their Life)

    Do you know how long a healthy betta lives? There are so many misconceptions about betta that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. For one thing, some people think that it is normal for bettas to have short lifespans. As with many other pets, it’s important to ask key questions – is this normal? …

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  • How often do you need to feed your betta fish?

    How Often Do You Need To Feed Your Betta Fish?

    New pet owners are often confused by the question “how often should I feed my betta fish?” Although it may seem like a straightforward question, there are different factors which must be considered when designing a feeding schedule for your fish. Are you someone who feeds their betta regularly throughout the day? In the fish-keeping community, …

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  • Best Gifts for Geeky Boyfriend

    The Best Gift for Geeky Boyfriend That He Will Surely Like

    Finding the best gift for geeky boyfriend can be a challenging yet enjoyable task. Whether it is for your anniversary or his birthday, you should not be dreadfully buying at the nearest store selling gifts for nerds. Take a breath, pause, and think of, what your geeky boyfriend needs or loves. To help you, we have compiled …

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  • Best Substrate for Planted Tanks

    Advanced Guide to the Best Substrate for Planted Tanks [2020]

    Having a substrate in a planted tank is a must. Without substrate, the plants can’t grow in your aquarium. There are now so many substrate options available. While the options make our lives easier, things can also get very confusing. For example, have you ever wondered what the best substrate is for a planted tank? Well, of …

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  • Koi Fish Care

    Koi Fish Care 101 + Complete Care Sheet

    Koi fish are a luxurious animal which has captivated hobbyists for centuries. This vibrant carp has a rich history which dates back to ancient Japan when Chinese invaders introduced their humble ancestor, the black carp, to the country in around 200 BC. Japanese farmers who kept the black carp for food noticed its colorful mutations. After a …

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  • Best Koi Pond Filter

    The Best Koi Pond Filter Reviews and Buying Guide [2020]

    Koi is one of the most popular fish breeds among fishkeepers. But rather than keeping them in small aquariums, they thrive more in an open pond system. The thing is that ponds can hold a massive amount of water, and as they are outside, the water tends to get very dirty. A small aquarium filter will not …

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  • Best Light for a Planted Tank

    How to Choose the Best Light for a Planted Tank?

    Lights are essential for any tank, particularly planted tanks. Without a good light setup, your plants can’t make enough food to sustain themselves through the photosynthesis process. With an abundance of lights available for planted tanks, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose the best light for a planted tank. Don’t worry, because with proper knowledge, choosing the …

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  • Best Filter for a Turtle Tank

    How to Choose The Best Filter for a Turtle Tank? A Comprehensive Guide

    Choosing the best filter for a turtle tank is not a simple task. Designing a turtle tank and a regular fish tank are two completely different things. Furthermore, only a handful of manufacturers design filters and tanks which are designed explicitly for the turtles. But don’t worry, there are some tips you can follow to get …

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  • Best gift ideas for steelers die hard fan

    The Top 25 Best Gift to Give to a Steelers Die-Hard Fan

    The Steelers might play in Pittsburgh, but they have these legions of most loyal die-hard fans all over the United States​ as being one of the most popular teams in the NFL . Waving their Terrible Towels, fans, and supporters if the Steelers can be found anywhere, meaning there is a good chance that you …

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  • Best Gift For Police Officer

    The Top 18 Best Gift For Police Officer

    Choosing a gift requires a lot of brainstorming. And finding the best gift for a police officer can be an uphill climb. Whether you need a gift for an upcoming retirement or graduation party, to celebrate an upcoming birthday or promotions or maybe as a Christmas gift ideas, you need to search for best gift ideas …

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  • Best Turtle Tank

    How to Choose the Best Turtle Tank? A Newbie-Friendly Guide

    Keeping turtles in your aquarium is one of the most peaceful hobbies you can have. These animals are jolly and fun-loving, and they will be your friend for a very long time. Many of them will even outlive you as they have a life expectancy of 100 years! If you are planning on starting the hobby …

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  • Best Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium

    A Guide to the Best Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium

    As a fishkeeper, I have a deep affinity for rocks in the tank. It completely changes the looks and aesthetics of the whole system. Apart from the visual benefits, ​Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium actually improve the ecosystem being home to hundreds of beneficial bacteria and algae. You should already know that rocks, especially corals, are an …

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  • Best Zelda gift

    The Best Zelda Gift For Zelda Fan

    ​When figuring out what presents to get your loved ones for this coming season, or for his/her birthday and even for special events or occasions, you’ve come to the right site; we are here to give you the best ZELDA gift for you to present to your loved ones. ​Table of Content 1. Legend of …

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  • Best Gift For Nerdy Girlfriend Best Geeky Gifts

    23 Best Gift For Nerdy Girlfriend: Entice Your Girl With The Best Geeky Gifts

    The gift-giving season is just around the corner have you already thought of a gift to give to your special girl? If she’s a geek, then it would be no problem to find the perfect present for her that she would geek out for. You can see a lot of best gift for a nerdy …

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  • best gift ideas for Minion Lovers

    Best Gift for Minion Lovers

    Despicable Me is one of the best animated movies ever made. Apart from Gru’s funny accent, another highlight of the film is the minions- those yellow, weird looking creatures with funny theatrics that are loyal to their villainous master. Their popularity has seen them rise to icons among movie lovers across the globe. You are probably …

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  • Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants

    Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants: A Guide to Advanced Aquascaping!

    Admit it, plants add the “life” in any aquarium, especially in a freshwater tank. I mean, you can decorate saltwater or a reef tank with corals and rock, but a freshwater tank feels incomplete without plants. Apart from making your aquarium beautiful, plants can enrich the living condition of the fish and can even provide a …

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  • Gift Ideas For 40th Wedding Anniversary

    Practical Gift Ideas For 40th Wedding Anniversary For Him, Her And Them

    Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. The 4 decades of wedded bliss is a gift in itself. But an anniversary is incomplete without a special gift for the love of your life. But when it comes to choosing a gift, the decision is always a tough one. If you or a loved one is celebrating their 40th …

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  • Lovely and Heart-Touching Gift Ideas for 12th Anniversary

    Lovely and Heart-Touching Gift Ideas for 12th Anniversary

    A wedding anniversary is a very special occasion for married couples. It symbolizes the love and togetherness that they have shared through the years of marriage. And if it is a dozen year anniversary, it is even more exciting. The traditional symbol for the 12th anniversary is silk and linen. They represent comfort that a couple …

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  • 13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

    Unique and Practical 13th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

    Congratulations to you or your loved one for completing 13 years of marriage. Every anniversary marks a new milestone and signifies a symbol of love and togetherness. While celebrating anniversaries year after year is a wonderful thing, the hardest part is to select a gift for your spouse or a loved one. Each anniversary has a …

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