Best Star Wars Gifts for 6-9 Year Olds

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The Star Wars franchise is arguably the best in the cinematic history. Since its first installment in 1977, the movie continues to impact fans all over the world. Joining on the bandwagon of adherent adult fans are the young ones, who are also shocked by the spectacle that is Star Wars.Where the adults left, the young fans are picking up with zeal and zest. Keep the Star Wars spirit burning in them by rewarding them with the Best Star Wars Gifts we have listed below. These gifts will surely cement their fanaticism.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Endor Adventure

Standing at just 11 inches, Princess Leia Organa is the perfect doll for the young princess, who has fallen in love with the Star Wars franchise. Princess Leia comes with several outfits to ensure she has something clean to wear during her adventures. 

They include a poncho, pants, dress, pair of boots, a pair of shoes and a helmet. She also comes equipped with a bow and arrow and a blaster, just in case someone gets on the wrong side of her.

 With Leia is her Ewok friend,who has his spear and is dressed in a unique hood. The fact that both these dolls are posable makes this item a great gift for a Star Wars fan. Purchase the Star Wars Forces of DestinyEndor Adventure here.

LEGO Star Wars Solo: A Star Wars Story Kessel Run Millennium Falcon 75212 Building Kit

Apart from Harrison Ford’s exceptional depiction of Han Solo, another memorable thing in the movie is Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon, which covered the “Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.”

While your young fan may not remember these iconic moments in movie history, what we are certain of is the excitement he will get trying to piece together this ship. With more than 1000 pieces, this building kit is the ultimate team building activity for all family members including adults.

 It comes with a Han Solo figure to steward it past celestial bodies. With him are miniature figures of Chewbacca, Qi’ra, Quay Tolsite and Landon Dorissian. Purchase the Millennium Falcon Building Kit here.

Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base

Next on our installments is the BB-8 Droid Robot, who is known to be completely loyal to Poe Dameron. Maybe by purchasing this gift, he will learn the value of loyalty towards the people who love him.

Just like the robot in the movie, it has two sections: the head and the body/base. A button on its head activates sounds and lights on its head. The base, on the other hand, pops open to reveal a play set that includes a miniature BB-8 robot, a tiny guy, projectiles, ladder and landing platforms.

This is a great gift for Star Wars lovers at the lower end of the age bracket, preferably from 3-7 years. Purchase the Playskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base here.

Revel SnapTite Build & Play Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker Building Kit

If you have ever watched the Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then you will understand how important this gift is to Star Wars lovers. Spoiler Alert: It is a gigantic ship used by the First Order to wreak havoc against the Resistance Movement led by Leia.

Building this Cargo Walker is far mucheasier than the Millennium Falcon mentioned above. It only has 45 pieces that are easily assembled to form this unconventional ship.Its design ensures that it can be made to assume different battle postures.

It also has battle sounds and a lighted cockpit. Purchase the Star Wars Snap Tite Build & Play Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker Kit here.

Star Wars Character FRS Walkie Talkies Durable Kid Friendly Static Free

Tired of your young Jedi scheming through your phone? Why not get him one and see how he responds. These walkie talkies come in twos. He will, therefore,keep in tabs with his close ally just by a press of a button.

They have adjustable volume and arebuilt for long-range two-way communication, which means users can play around the neighborhood with them. They also have graphic images of Rey, Chewbacca, Finn, R2D2, BB-8,andC3PO, which makes these gadgets personalized items for Star Wars lovers. Purchase the Star Wars Character FRS Walkie Talkies here.

Star Wars Furbacca

Nothing will keep your young Star Wars fan more engaged and entertained than this interactive toy.Furbacca makes different sounds when touched, tickled, flipped upside, shakenand when its tail is pulled.

 It also sings the Star Wars theme songs, dances and its eyes simulate Star Wars elements, such as light sabers, Star Destroyers,andX-wing fighters. It also comes with a Furbacca app, which results in more interactive action from this brilliant toy. Purchase the Star Wars Furbacca toy here and watch his mind get blown away.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber

Let your young Jedi get into some action with this state of the electronic art lightsaber. Designed to look exactly like Kylo Ren’s fiery weapon in the movie, it makes classic lights and sounds for more theatric performance.

It comes with a lightdagger, which can be used separately or connected to the handle of the lightsaber using a connector to create a more vicious weapon. Purchase the Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber here.

Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads

Although this gift features iconic Star Wars characters as can-heads, this does not take away the obvious fun that comes with it. The characters featured on the cans include Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

With five cans of modeling compound, he can create whichever weapons he desires, such as tie fighters, x-wing star fightersand lightsabers and blastthem through the air with the launcher. Make him hunt down Darth Vader with the Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads here.

Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask

Ever seen a mask that produces sound?The chancesare that you haven’t.But, there is no shame in that. We were also surprised by this unique Chewbacca mask.It is designed to produce a Chewbacca roar when its mouthis slightly opened,and the roar grows louder as the mouth opens wider.

 It also has straps for the perfect fit. Let the young Star Wars lover role play as Chewbacca and produce wookiee sounds by purchasing this mask here.

Star Wars The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet

It even gets better. Is he tired of listening to the same Chewbacca roar from the gift above? Then surprise him with this Stormtrooper helmet.It has a voice altering feature that alters your voice when you speak through it.

Watch how excited he will be pretending to be an Imperial Stormtrooper.Designed up to detail to resemble the real mask, it is run by 3AAA alkaline batteries. Increase his collection of head gear by purchasing the Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet here.

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Trainer

When it comes to loyalty, the astromech droid BB-8 is probably the best example to use. Its loyalty is unquestionable,andit will do anything to stand by its owner Poe Dameron no matter the situation.This is, therefore, a perfect gift for the young fan to show himthat you will forever be loyal to him.

This app-controlled droid rolls just like the one in the movie with its head nicely intact. With just a swipe on your smartphone, this droid will be up and running in your house. It is iOS and Android compatible and can go up to 4.5mph. Purchase the Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid here.

Hasbro Monopoly Game: Star Wars Special Edition

The Monopoly is and will always be a classic game. What’s even funnier is when it comes in a Star Wars theme. Take your pick: will you join the rebels or will you side with the empire. A tidbit fact about Monopoly is that it is like financial 101 for everyone. The game gives you the technical knowhow of saving, investing and becoming wealthy, although in a fun way.

This game will, therefore, make a Warren Buffet out of him by the time he is an adult. The gameincludesthe game board, title deeds, tokens, force cards, bases, smugglers’ cards, fleets, money pack, a game guide andmost importantly, two dices. Purchase the Hasbro Monopoly Game: Star Wars Edition here.

SwimWays Star Wars Death Star Light-up Beach Ball

Enough with the indoor toys. Let the young Jedi enjoy a bit of outside sporting action with this beach ball. Designed to resemble Empire’s spacestation known as the Death Star, it has bright LED lights installed inside and illuminates each time it is hit.

It is 14 inches in diameter, just the right size for a game of catch and throw. Improve his athleticism with the Death Star Light-up Beach Ball by purchasing it here.

POP: Star Wars Darth Vader Bobble Head Vinyl Figure

This is among the few villain toys in this whole listicle. We chose this gift not because we are sidingwith the evil Empire, but because of Darth Vader’s overall contribution to the first installments of the Star Wars franchise.

It is also among the few items that can be given to adult Star Wars lovers. But, since we are dealing with 6-9-year-olds, purchase this stylized Darth Vader figure and place it nicely on his nightstand and hope that darkness does not call him.So that you know, its head turns too.

Hasbro Star Wars Bop It Game

Do not be fooled by its tiny appearance and think that this is just any other typical toy. This R2-D2 inspired toy is activated when you press the head down (bop it). It gives you a series of commands that you have to do in a real R2-D2 voice. Amidst playful background music, you have to bop it (head), twist it(neck) and pull it (legs) and a high score is saved.

Its volume can be set to either quiet, loud or full blast and is run by 2AAA batteries.This is a great fun activity for him alone or the whole family, as you compete for the highest points. Purchase the Star Wars Bop It R2-D2 Game here.

Funko Star Wars Episode 7 Pop! Kylo Ren

Another warrior of the darkness bound to seek refuge in the young Star Wars lover’s room. Complete with his red lightsaber and iconic mask, this is just the décor he needs for his nightstand.

At just under 4 inches, it has a base stand with the Star Wars trademark on it to keep the tinyKylo Ren from falling. Improve his bedroom décor with the Funko Star Wars Kylo Ren by purchasing it here.

Funko Pop Star Wars The Force Awakens- Chewbacca

Another Star Wars Bobble Head to add to his nightstand collection. Featuring an agitated Chewbacca ready to fire his bowcaster,the Star Wars fan can create a faceoff between Chewbacca and the other two villains alreadylisted above.

It also comes with a trademarked Star Wars stand, which makes it very stable for any flat surface.At just 3.75 inches tall, it is very light,and he can play with it if he so wishes. Purchase the Funko Pop Star Wars The Force Awaken- Chewbacca here.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader 75111 Star Wars Toy

Do you want a toy that is movable, posable and sturdy enough to withstand the rough and intense games of the young lad?Then, this is the toy for him. The fact that it is buildable only adds to the fun of this toy.

With posable limbs, the Sith Lord can take whichever posture you want it to, which makes it a great gift for a Star Wars fanatic. Furthermore, it features all the details of Darth Vader, such as his black armored suit, iconic cape,and his lightsaber. Purchase the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Toy here.

Star Wars Chewbacca Pillow Buddy

Gift him with this furry companion to ensure that his adventures into the dream world are not lonely. Designed as Chewbacca, it is big, soft and can be used as a substitute pillow. Aside from that, he may use it as a naptime buddy or a decorative pillow,and if he feels generous enough, he may include it among his toys during playtime.

Trust us; he will run to it, hug it and tell you how much he loves it. After all, it is Chewbacca, who doesn’t love him apart from the villains? Purchase the Chewbacca Pillow Buddy here.

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight

What a cool way to blast through the darkness with thisstate of the art flashlight. Designed as a lightsaber, it produces bright blue LED lightswith a touch of a button.

It is powered by 3 AAAbatteries and makes sound effects when moved around, which makes the whole experiencemind-blowing. Purchase the Lightsaber Flashlight here and make him conquer his fear of the dark.

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