10 Best and Thoughtful Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

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When you gift someone something, it shows your concern and responsibility towards them, be whoever it is. Talking of pregnant ladies, be it your sister, a friend or your wife, gift them stuff that would make them happy, especially when they are expecting you to make them feel special.

Choosing from a wide variety of Christmas gifts for mom or just gifts for new moms, some few are a seamless nursing bra, baby crib, maternity baby peeking shirt, ergonomic baby carrier, diaper bag, Snoogle pregnancy pillow, a guide to surviving your baby’s first yearbook, pregnancy compression socks or stocking, belly butter, and prenatal pregnancy speaker system.

Did your wife announce to you that she’s pregnant? And on this happy occasion are you looking out for gifts to surprise her? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered for choosing the best gift for pregnant wife. Being pregnant is one of the best feelings of the world, and it surely deserves the best.

Find Out:

10 Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife

Given below are few options of thoughtful gifts for her that you can explore and choose from:

​1. Gift your wife comfort with the Seamless Nursing Bra

Seamless Nursing Bra

The seamless nursing bra is one of the best gifts for new moms. A lot of physical changes take place in the body of a pregnant woman so, this is one of the best gifts for pregnant women. With shifting size, this product offers you a comfortable experience.

The seamless nursing bra comes with a full drop away bra cup design for maximum skin-to-skin contact.

​It is luxuriously soft, seamless and wires free to add more comfort while wearing. It has a removable foam insert for shape and discretion.

It is a 4-way stretch fabric that hugs the changing shape of the body. It helps in molding the body and provides ultimate support. It is available in different variants such as seamless yoga nursing bra and seamless nursing cami. This could help you give her comfort as well as care.

2. Happiness Sleeps in a Baby Crib

Baby Crib

A happy and healthy child makes happy parents. Providing safety and comfort to your child is all that you want. Monitoring each movement your baby makes it a difficult job especially when the newborn begins to roll and crawl.

Creating a warm and welcoming space for the baby-to-be, the crib not only aesthetically pleases you but also bears the safety of the baby.

Babies sleep a lot, and it is important for them to have a sound sleep, thus, gifting a crib to your pregnant wife will not only cheer her up but will also highlight your concern and responsibility towards them. And what could be better than gifting your care and concern to the people you love.

You can choose from a variety of cribs depending on your needs and requirements. This could also be one of the best Christmas gifts you can give to your lady or ‘mom – to – be.’

3. Let Her Show Off the Baby Bump in a Maternity Baby Peeking Shirt

Maternity Baby Peeking Shirt

If you want to choose one amongst the most thoughtful gifts for her, then this is the one. With a wide range of cute and exciting designs, let her show off her baby bump. Look out for tees, made of finest fabrics that comfort her.

Whether cute or funny or sarcastic, it provides you with a wide range of collection with best gift options for new moms. Wearing these special maternity shirts can also ensure greater comfort and relaxed outfit as compared to normal clothes. With brands like Brisco, Love2mi and Liu & Qu gift the mom – to be, the magic of motherhood.

4. Presenting her an Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Are you going out shopping, outing or a walk with your baby? It is a tough job to carry you’re newborn in your arms for a more extended period. It provides a strain in your arms and causes pain in the shoulders.

Gifting a baby carrier is one of the best gifts for pregnant women, and it will not only reduce her load of carrying the baby anywhere and everywhere but will also allow her to maintain a modern and trendy look.

Plenty of baby carriers are available in the market which can be customized to the height, storage spaces and even colors which your lady loves! Thus this is one of the best gifts for new moms.

5. Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

If you are looking for amazing gifts for pregnant wife, what could be better than gifting a new mother with a diaper bag? The diaper bag makes it convenient to carry some extra diapers along. The New Hip club diaper bag is all that you’ll want to gift her to keep her practical sense and fashion sense go hand in hand.

The New Hip club diaper bag looks and feels more like a fashionable purse than a diaper bag. This diaper bag helps in carrying all your baby essentials wherever and whenever you want, be it an outing, shopping or a walk.

It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, short handles as well as stroller straps to make it a custom bag, whichever way you want to carry it. It is big enough to feel like a tote bag, comfortable enough to feel like a bag pack and cute enough to feel like a designer purse.

6. Let Her Sleep With the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a period which demands extra care, comfort and concern and also sound sleep. Trust us, for pregnant girls; this is going to be gold! Gift her a sound sleep with this snoogle pregnancy pillow.

A uniquely designed pillow that provides all comfort and coziness while sleeping. If she is like most of the people for whom one pillow throughout the night is just not enough, there’s this pillow that goes behind the back for support, between the knees for temperature control, two to pop the head up to aid in breathing and during pregnancy, it adds one more for tummy support.

The pillow is uniquely designed according to the contour and shape of the body, from head to toe. It comes with a removable and washable cover, entirely perfect for sleeping and relaxing. The pillow is shaped like a horseshoe to allow you to attain the height and position that is exactly right according to the body.

The extra long midsection serves perfect width for total back or tummy, depending upon your choice of direction to snuggle up. This can serve as one of the best birthday gifts for the mom!

7. The Guide Full of Dos and Don’ts 

Guide Full of Dos and Don’ts

Prevention is better than cure. This proverb keeps us going. Thus, you must know the dos and don’ts of being a pregnant couple. Gift her a guide to the first year of motherhood, filled with advice that proves to be helpful and wisdom for the newbie mom.

It’ll help you too to know the pros and cons of parenting. Get well prepared for it beforehand. This guide named ‘The Shit No One Tells You About’ by Dawn Dais, a mother of two tiny terrors, will prepare you for whatever it takes to be responsible parents.

Dawn Dais offers real-life advice along with hilarious anecdotes, genuine encouragement that a mother needs and clever tips to survive the first year of parenthood. This guide, being one of the best gifts for the mom,  is a must-have for every mother’s sleepless nights and poop-filled days.

8. Gifting Pregnancy Compression ​Socks

 Pregnancy Compression ​Socks

There’s a gift for the mom on your mind? Try gifting your wife these pregnancy compression socks. Gift her painless motherhood. With these stockings, reduction and elimination of swelling, pain, edema, varicose veins and DVT are guaranteed. It is the most effective way of promoting blood flow and circulation in the body thus preventing problems like pain, swelling, and fatigue.

These maternity leggings are designed to stay put without slipping or sliding down the legs. These leggings are easy to slide on and off even with a baby bump. It is adjustable in size and height.

Knee high adjustable sleeve cuffs ensure optimal length, whether tall, small, plus or petite. It comes in a luxurious brushed gray cotton material allowing proper ventilation. While walking around or lounging at home, firm plantar arch support and the extra padded toe box provide extra comfort.

It is built to last longer than nine months and can be worn under clothes for the ultimate therapeutic experience.

9. Being Beautiful with Burt’s Bee Butter

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Gift your wife this baby butter to help her keep her skin soft, healthy, glowing and beautiful during and after pregnancy. After all, she deserves some pampering too. So this is a great wife birthday gift idea!

Burt’s bee butter is made with only the finest ingredients nature has to offer. It is a specially formulated product for moms to be. It soothes and conditions the skin during pregnancy. To have a healthy child, look after the health of the mother. This bee butter also helps to restore skin after pregnancy.

It nourishes tired and stressed skin and provides relief after pregnancy. Burt’s bees belly butter is made with shea butter and vitamin E conditions the growing belly of the mother with cocoa, shea and jojoba butter.

This product is 99% natural and is a fragrance-free formula to keep the skin of the mother smooth and supple as the belly stretches throughout pregnancy and even after the arrival of the baby.

It contains no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS to create skin irritations. Thus, it can be used with peace of mind. Pamper your wife during nine months stretch.

10. Buying Prenatal BellyBuds Baby Bump Speakers

Prenatal BellyBuds Baby Bump Speakers

These specialized BellyBud speakers gently adhere to your baby bump and allow you to play memory shaping sound directly to the womb safely. Whatever it is, a soothing tune or a bond forming voice message, BellyBuds is a safe and first step in connecting with your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

The hearing abilities of your baby take 20 weeks to develop, memories begin at 30. Hearing is the first sense that allows the baby to be to connect with the big world outside. Offer them something memorable to listen to with BellyBuds.

Research shows that the babies become familiar with the voices and music they hear in the womb and are comforted by those voices during infancy and beyond. Designed for mom’s comfort and baby’s safety, BellyBuds incorporates various features like:

  • ​Plays music safely and directly to the womb.
  • ​You are allowed to listen to the sounds simultaneously with the help of audio splitters.
  • ​Adhesives leave no residue behind and are reusable.
  • ​They are lightweight, adjustable and comfortable.
  • ​Easy off and on features with no belts, straps or buckles.
  • ​You can play music and voices at any time as it is discreet under clothing.
  • ​Safe volume levels for baby are ensured with limiter switch.
  • ​It is compatible with nearly all mobile devices.
  • ​Compatible with WavHello’s free app which allows you to record lullabies, voices, and messages for free, thus, making it personal for both, you and the baby.
  • ​You can introduce the baby to be to the sound of your other family members with BellyBuds so that your loved ones feel connected and involved in your pregnancy.

Final Words

​So, if you are wondering what to gift a pregnant wife for Christmas, you have an option! Celebrate your new baby-to-be with a gift to mom-to-be.

We give gifts to people to show them that we are grateful to them and value their presence and roles in our lives. Celebration of the arrival of a new member into the family must be grand. Showing your love and concern for the mother-to-be is just as important as caring and loving the baby-to-be. Birthday Gifts for wife can go a long way to make her warm and happy.

From doctor’s appointments to shopping and baby proofing the house, future moms have a lot on their to-do lists, not to mention the uncomfortable physical changes that they undergo during and after pregnancy. These gifts for wife make them realize how important they are to you and how much of their health also matters apart from the baby’s.

But the period of being the pregnant couple is golden. So, we bring you all the ranges of product from trendy fashion setter diaper bags to comfortable snoogle pillows as they are one among the many best gift for your pregnant wife, allowing her some me time to relax and chill.

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