15 Of Best Gift Ideas For Music Lover

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Who is the music lover in your life? Is he the elderly gentleman carefully placing the vinyl record on the turntable? Is she the teenage girl rocking the dance floor to the sounds of Nirvana? Or the DJ putting his spin on a musical work of art?

Whatever their age or gender, music lovers can be found everywhere, listening to music in one form or another. And there’s always someone you love, who loves music wholeheartedly. So, if you’re looking for some of the best gifts for music lovers, we’ve got you covered.

1. Studio Headphones

Studio Headphones

Among music lovers, the DJs are unique. To the casual user, features like ultra-wide frequency response, ultra-wide dynamic range and super transparent highs may not mean much. But they are bread and butter to the DJ.

In the Behringer Studio Headphones, all these key features are packed into a beautifully designed and robust headphone that delivers premium performance while being extremely affordable. The connectors on this headphone are compatible with any of your digital devices from your computer to your digital phone to your mixer.

This headphone is one of the perfect gifts for musicians who entertain crowds at music festivals or clubs.

2. Wireless ​Earbuds

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re a runner, a gym rat or a hiker, the ability to listen to your favorite tunes on the go makes even the toughest physical activity easier for the music lover.

The Anker Wireless Headphones are an excellent accessory for the fitness gal or guy who loves music. Weighing in at just 15 grams, these sleek headphones are engineered to be waterproof and pack a solid battery that can go for 7 hours on a full charge — more than enough power for a day of music.

A customizable fit and high-fidelity audio make these sporty wireless headphones a must-have accessory for the active lifestyle.

​3. Portable Bluetooth ​Speaker

Portable Bluetooth ​Speaker

How do you take your music with you and share it at the same time? Whether it’s a party, a picnic or a simple gathering of music lovers, the Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker has everything you need.

With a robust unibody design, this little speaker is built to withstand some severe weather. And it packs intense sound quality and bass into a small and attractive package.

The all-day battery life and 66 feet range let you enjoy your music completely stress-free — one of the best music-themed gifts for the outgoing music lover.

4. Direct-Drive Professional Turntable

Direct-Drive Professional Turntable

Even with all the advances in digital music, many audiophile music lovers agree that nothing can match the audio purity of vinyl. But the Audio-Technica Direct-Drive Turntable is not just your basic wind up the record player.

This device can plug into components that don’t have a dedicated turntable input. It plays all the popular vinyl formats of 33/45/78 rpm. And it comes with Mac and PC-compatible Audacity software to digitize your vinyl records through the included USB and adapter cables.

If you’re looking for musical gifts ideas, then this turntable will do the job for professional DJs as well as casual vinyl enthusiasts.

5. Etherwave Theremin Standard

Moog Etherwave Standard Theremin

Can you make music without touching the musical instrument? Yes, you can.

Just wave your hands in the air around the two antennas of the Moog Theremin to control pitch and volume and create uniquely beautiful sounds. Moog is one the leading manufacturers of analog synthesizers worldwide and its legacy lives on to this day.

Hand-built in the company’s factory in Asheville, NC, this analog music synthesizer is rugged and portable. Made from furniture-grade hardwood and nickel-plated brass tubes this theremin makes an amazing and somewhat weird musical instrument gift for the music lover who enjoys making enchanting music with just the motions of his hands through thin air.

6. Wireless Home Theater and Streaming Music

Wireless Home Theater and Streaming Music

Home theater systems usually come with hundreds of feet of wires and cables that make a mess you can’t conceal. But the all-new wireless Sonos Beam Soundbar changes all that.

This soundbar is the very definition of premium, and the dialog clarity makes it possible for you to hear every spoken word. It even has a late night mode so that sudden jumps in volume don’t wake up the neighbors.

You can use your voice to command Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri to play music from a multitude of streaming services. And enjoy the thumping, wall-to-wall sound from just a single, small, compact soundbar.

You can even wirelessly connect to other Sonos speakers to enjoy immersive sound anywhere in your home. This is the ultimate gift for the music lover who enjoys listening to music in the comfort of home.

7. Yamaha Stereo Receiver

Yamaha Stereo Receiver

No video. No home theater. Just the sound of music. True music fans find love in this marvelous device from one of the most trusted names in home audio. This device has a beautiful, sleek design with a brushed aluminum finish.

With the convenience of Bluetooth streaming and 40 preset radio stations, the Yamaha Stereo Receiver delivers maximum thump with minimal noise. It also comes with an ECO mode that sets the device to standby to reduce power consumption.

With large, convenient push buttons, well-designed remote control and spring clips for two sets of speakers, this receiver is an ideal gift for the gal or guy who likes music, and just music.

8. Spotify Gift Card

Spotify Gift Card

Do you want to give the gift of music to a special someone? Are you wondering what kind of music they like? Worried that you’ll pick the wrong album for their tastes? With the Spotify Gift Card, you can’t go wrong.

Take your musical preferences out of the equation and let the music lovers choose their sound. No matter what you’re doing, or where you are, Spotify gives you access to the music you love.

Your special someone can pick and choose the songs they love from millions of tracks and albums and play them on their PC, phone or many different devices. A wonderful gift of choice for music lovers everywhere.

9. Fidelity Concert Earplugs​​​​​

Fidelity Concert Earplugs​​​​​

Ever been to the club or concert where the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself think? That level of noise can cause severe damage to your hearing. So, how do you enjoy live music without going deaf?

Just plug in the Vibes Fidelity Concert Earplugs and enjoy live music at lower volumes without losing out on the clarity. Unlike foam earplugs, these noise-canceling plugs don’t block sound. They filter out the frequencies you don’t need to hear, leaving you with an immersive sound experience that won’t affect your hearing.

These earplugs are designed to be virtually invisible so that you won’t feel self-conscious wearing them in public. They fit all ear types and can be worn for long periods without causing any irritation. The perfect gift for the concert music lovers.

10. 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

We’ve all seen DJs in rollicking action at clubs, concert halls, and music festivals. But we don’t realize that the bulk of their work is done in a home studio with specialized equipment. Speakers that can accurately play back the musicians’ mix are crucial for creating a sound that can be reproduced clearly on conventional speakers.

The K Studio Monitor is solidly built, and quite heavy, but they get the job done. Because these are self-amplified, full-range speakers, they also work perfectly well with regular home audio devices — a perfect gift for the audiophile music enthusiast.

11. Book


Why do we love music? Why do music lovers exist? How and why does the human brain compose music? All these questions and many, many more are answered in this path-breaking book about one of humanity’s fondest obsessions.

This book cites examples of music from multiple centuries and is solidly researched. Whether you’re a musician, a scientist or just curious, this book will explain your connection to music in simple and lucid terms.

If you know a music lover who enjoys studying and reading about music at its deepest levels, then this book is the ideal gift for them.

12. DJ Portable 2-​Channel​ Controller

DJ Portable 2-​Channel​ Controller

This little portable DJ controller rocks all the basic features a professional DJ would need without breaking the bank. Anyone who’s owned equipment from Pioneer in the past will know that this company makes quality audio equipment. And the DJ DDJ-SB2 2-channel controller is no exception to the rule.

The controls on this portable controller are deftly arranged, enabling you to do a lot with both your hands. The scratch response from the low-latency jog wheels is impressive, and switching between channels has never been simpler. 

Lightweight but still solid and stable, it also comes with the introversion of the Serato DJ software. This controller is one of the best musical gifts for any aspiring DJ.

1​3. Album Frame

Album Frame

Do you know a musician with a published album? Would you like to preserve a special memento of a groundbreaking performance? Either way, the Americanflat Album Frame, specially designed for album art or LP covers, is a great gift for a musician with something to rejoice about.

Americanflat has a long, distinguished history of quality home-decor, especially with frames and wall accessories. This aluminum frame has a polished plexiglass front that showcases your special memory while preserving it for a lifetime.

The stylish European design and easy to mount hardware will make that singular moment stand out forever. This is among the most charming and thoughtful music themed gifts for the musically inclined.

14. DragonFly Black Plug-in USB DAC​​​​​​

DragonFly Black Plug-in USB DAC​​​​​​​​​​

In this day and age of digital music, every audiophile still agrees that you can’t beat the audio superiority of analog sound. Whether you’re listening to music on your computer or mobile phone, you’re always losing out on some quality on the road to digital convenience.

But the DragonFly Plug-in USB is the device that sets everything right. This nifty DAC(digital to analog converter) now makes a high-fidelity music player out of your computer, laptop, Android or iOS device. Its low power consumption won’t be a drag on your cell phone’s battery, and the sound quality is a huge step up from listening to music directly on your digital device.

Compatible with all popular audio formats and all popular streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora, this DAC provides unmatched value for money. This gadget is a must-have for the discerning music lover and is a great gift for those who live plugged into their music.

15. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited

Imagine having unlimited access to a library of over 50 million songs. Anytime, anywhere.

All the latest hit albums, and all the classics as well. Customizable playlists and song recommendations based on your listening history. And Alexa. Amazon’s digital assistant can play any song you like. Just tell her your preference and then sit back and listen to the high-quality sound of your choice.

Giving an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription as a gift means that you won’t have to worry about choosing the right music. For the special music lover that you care about, this extra-affordable music streaming service is a gift that keeps on giving.


​Music lovers are all around us. And now, more than ever before, the audiophiles and music enthusiasts have technology on their side. Whether it’s a special occasion to be shared with friends and family or a moment of simple solitude, you have access to your music in more ways than you can imagine.

Whether you’re in the infinite outdoors or relaxing in the comfort of your home, or shining on the musical stage of a concert hall, your music comes to you the way you want it. If you’re looking for a gift that will touch the heart of a music lover, you won’t have to look very far.

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