The Top 18 Best Gift Ideas For Hiker

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The season of gift-giving holiday is fast approaching, and we already know that choosing the perfect, meaningful gift can be quite a hard task. And it becomes particularly difficult selecting the best gift for hikers.

They love the great outdoors, and it seems like they are always on the go and they have everything they need for their next great outdoor adventure, making it hard for you to choose the perfect gift they will love.

​Not to worry though, there is an infinite list of gift ideas for the hiker in your life. Here are some useful and thoughtful ideas that both experienced and casual hikers will appreciate!

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1. Solo Monoculars

Solo Monoculars

Outdoor enthusiast loves seeing scenic views and be a bit closer to nature. Help the hiking enthusiast in your life to see up close with this quality solo monoculars. It is easy to carry and compact with fully-multi-coated glass surface which provides bright images of nature and the great outdoors.

​It is fully armored with rubber to prevent any slips. It is also O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged so you can use it even on foggy or rainy environments, making this solo monocular a great addition to any hiker’s gear list!

2. Personal Water Filter

Personal Water Filter

The great outdoors demand endurance and a lot of water. And even though your loved ones take 5 bottles of water for their outdoor activity, there is no guarantee that it will last for the day, not to mention the added weight of those bottles.

​So, why not give them this water filtering straw as a gift? The hollow fiber membrane tech inside the LifeStraw will keep your loved one safe while drinking to any water source (glaciers, lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers) they came upon during their outdoor adventure. Whether your loved one is drinking on a hotel tap or filling up on the Amazon river, this filtration straw system will surely protect them from microplastics, parasites, and bacteria.

3. Portable Solar Panel

Portable Solar Panel

There is nothing worse than having your GPS unit, or smartphone dies on you during hiking. If you wish to make sure that the hiking enthusiast of your life never gets caught with a dead batt, then consider giving them a solar panel charger as a gift.

​This portable solar panel is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. With a little bit of help from the sun, this unit can power their GPS unit, camera, phone or tablet in a pinch.

4. Portable Backup Memory for Your Camera

Portable Backup Camera

Seeing the great outdoors can be a thrilling experience that any hikers might always have the “memory full” problem when taking pictures of beautiful scenery. If this is the case, then this portable backup camera is a wonderful gift to give.

​SNARBOX is a portable editing and backup system for any camera which allows you to backup, share and edit your footage anywhere through phone apps. It is dustproof, shockproof and always ready for adventures— even the roughest and wildest activities. With this as a gift, your loved ones will never miss the best moment, ever again.

5. Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Camping Cookware Mess Kit

What’s great about hiking is that you can also go camping. And with camping means bonfires and cooking in the middle of the woods. If you know a hiking enthusiast who loves to hike for several days, then this camping cookware set is a great gift idea!

Built to last, this cookware in non-toxic, heat quickly and is a great outdoor survival gear for an adult hiker or a youth scout. It is a 10 piece camping cookware that includes:

  • > Wooden spoon spatula
  • ​> BPA-Free soup spoon
  • > Folding stainless steel spork
  • > 2 BPA-Free bowls
  • > Nonstick pan
  • > Pot cover
  • > Anodized aluminum nonstick pot with a 1-liter capacity
  • > Nylon travel bag drawstring pouch
  • > Cleaning sponge
  • ​> Perfect Marshmallow Roasting and Smores Making Guide

6. Personal Cooking System

Personal Cooking System

Give hikers a little extra fun to their next outdoor adventures with this personal cooking system from Jetboil. It combines a 1-liter FluxRing cooking vessel and a stainless-steel burner in one compact unit.

​Designed to take and focus heat more efficiently, the Flash can provide 2 cups of water boiling in just 2 minutes for a warm cup of coffee first thing in the outdoor morning. This personal cooking system is one of the safest outdoor cooking solutions in the market today, making it the best gift ideas for camping lover.

7. UV Arm Sleeves

UV Arm Sleeves

Walking and hiking under the cruel sun can be a bit, well, harsh on the skin. So, make sure that your loved one is always protected with this UV Arm Sleeves. Comfortable, cool and delivers a UPF 40+ performance, these sleeves are created from a lightweight, breathable material which wicks moisture and provides a four-way stretch with light compression for the ultimate hiking comfort.

Its elastic upper part is engineered with a silicone grip that holds the sleeve in place and provides a streamlined fit. It is easy to pull off and on as needed and can be easily carried on a pocket or pack. Have the hiking enthusiast of your life put them on in the morning to fight the chilly weather and leave them comfortably all day for sun protection.

​​8. MICROspikes Traction System

MICROspikes Traction System

Hiking when it is chilly can be such a comfortable experience since you do not sweat that much. However, it poses safety threats since snow and ice can be quite slippery to walk on. If this is the case, then this item can be quite helpful.

​The MICROspikes from Kahtoola are a pocket-sized traction system which allows anyone to get out and safely enjoy the great outdoors even during the winter season. These slip-on spikes can dig into any terrains, packed snow, ice, concrete, wet soil and more. It is durable and attache securely on footwear without any special straps or buckles for safe hiking.

9. Hiking Food

Hiking Food

Hiking requires energy— lots of energy. Therefore, it is crucial for any hikers to take enough energy-giving food source with them during their scenic hike. Give them the best, hunger-calming, hiking food there is!

​This non-cook, ready to eat hiking food is made for long-distance backpacking and hiking, so you can make sure that your loved ones will never be hungry on the trail. These hiking food bars are filling that will make sure that they ready to take a hike for a few more hours. This food bar contains all natural and whole food ingredients and is gluten-free so they can keep hiking with ease.

10. Hydration Pack

Hydration Pack

Hydration is crucial during physical activities and is particularly important when having outdoor activities. With that said, this hydration pack is the best thirst-quenching gift you can give to a hiker friend or family!

It has adjustable shoulder and chest straps, so it does not bounce when you move. It has hands-free hydration hose with a bite valve, so he does not need to stop every now and then to drink water. This hydration pack comes with a 2.5-liter bladder that will keep your loved ones hydrated on the trail.

11. Coffee and Espresso Maker

Coffee and Espresso Maker

Nothing is more awakening than taking a sip of fresh, hot coffee first thing in the morning. And even if the special hiking enthusiast of your life is enjoying the great outdoors for several days does not mean that they need to miss a sip on their favorite coffee.

​With this portable Coffee and Espresso maker, your loved one can now enjoy their favorite coffee in the middle of the woods. It creates espresso and American style coffee with extraordinarily rich flavors! It is durable, compact and lightweight making it suitable for backpacking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

12. Camping Mat Seat

Camping Mat Seat

A great partner in the wild, give this camping mat seat as a gift to hiking enthusiast you know! This camping mat seat helps protect their pants from water and dust when sitting on the ground after a tiring walk in the trail.

​It is moisture-proof and waterproof, perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. It is very convenient to store because of its fold able design and easy to carry thanks to its lightweight and portable structure.

13. Leatherman Multitool

Leatherman Multitool

This multitool is the perfect gift for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts that can solve just about any problems or situations they face. The Squirt PS4 multitool is ready for anything and comes in handy from wrapping a gift to snipping a fishing line. Learn more about best leatherman multitool.

It is fully equipped with 9 tools that you might need in the wild. These include:

  • > File
  • > Bottle opener
  • ​> Scissors
  • > Wire cutters
  • > Screwdrivers
  • > Plier
  • ​> Knife

14. Foot Cream​​​​​

Foot Cream

There is nothing more annoying than having cracked, sore or dry feet after a whole day of enjoying the outdoor scenery. Fortunately, you can have this great foot cream as a gift for the hiker on your Christmas list to relieve him of his painful condition.

​This cream contains nine botanical ingredients, making it all natural and effective soothing cream. After a single use, they will surely be thanking you and will be buying more to keep in their backpack every time!

15. Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks

The one thing that every hiker needs are socks. But, not just any socks will do. These hiking socks are specifically designed for hiking and other outdoor activities to wick moisture off their feet and to keep them comfortable and dry all day long.

​Moreover, these socks provide cushioning to the parts of the foot where it is needed and add supports to areas it is appreciated. Plus, this pair of socks is also designed to look fashionable, so they are sure to be a hit to any hiker friend you have on your list.

16. Anti-mosquito Mask Hat

Anti-mosquito Mask Hat

For any hiker who has ever taken a summer trek, they know that mosquitos and bags can be quite annoying and making the trails quite a miserable one. So, help the hiker of your life to solve this one problem by giving him this mosquito mask hat as a gift.

​It is made from 100 percent polyester which has netting to keep mosquitoes and bugs away from the face. It has ventilation to keep you cool as well as protecting you from sunrays and prevent sunburns.

17. Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiking over treacherous or rocky trails, a good pair of trekking poles can be a lifesaver. So, make sure that your loved ones have one of these on their next hiking trip.

These trekking poles are lightweight and come with a handy travel bag so they can be collapsed when not in use. Moreover, each pole features a wrist strap and comfort grip handle, so they do not slip or drop easily.

18. Hiker’s Emergency Kit

Hiker's Emergency Kit

One of the most important items that a hiker needs to carry on their outdoor activity is an emergency survival kit. This great gift idea for hikers makes sure that your favorite hiker is safe on their next trek.

This kit has everything they need to ensure survival on the wild outdoors. It comes with water purification tablets, food bars, and water pouches. Also, it includes all kinds of first aid supplies and survival tools such as radio, flashlight, rope as well as personal hygiene products, making it truly a great survival kit for any hikers out there.


​Hiking is an extreme sport and requires any item that can be useful for a safe and fun hiking experience. With the gift items mentioned above, I hope you got an idea or take one of the products as a gift for your hiker friend this holiday gift-giving season.

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