27 Unique And Best Gift Ideas For Hairstylist

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Your hairdresser is pretty much your lifesaver when it comes to styling or cutting your hair! It is that one person who can ultimately renew your look by their sheer talent and just handful of tools! So how about you pick a random hairstylist appreciation day and gift them something thoughtful? Get that best gift for hairstylist and show your appreciation! Sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Now, picking up a gift for your hairstylist does not have to be distressing. There are an endless number of gift ideas out there for you choose from. Some of them carry a hefty price tag, whereas others are within your budget constraints. It comes down to what you want for your hairdresser!

We have prepared a list of 16 best hairdresser gift ideas to put an end to your dilemma! Let’s find out what are those:

27 Best Hairdresser Gift Ideas for 2020: 

1. Cool Tote Bag reads “I Will Cut You”

I will cut you bag

Add a pizzazz of humor to your hairdresser’s life with this funky Tote bag. Quoting “I Will Cut You” with a scissor designed next to it, the bag sure looks very cool! It has no internal divisions or pockets but is roomy enough to carry several things. Featuring color matched handles, these totes are made from 600D Polyester, making them fairly durable. Spacious 16” x 18” tote features a 4.5” of gusset, so it rests flat on the floor.

A perfect gift for any hair stylist, this tote bag is as functional as it can get! In all honesty, what’s a hairstylist without a handy tote bag? Pick any hairdresser-inspired tote bag from available 5 colors and watch her go yayyy!

2. Ceramic mug with scissor handle

Ceramic mug with scissor handle

A cute, thematic mug, the ideal gift for your hairdresser. It’s a practical gift with a stylish design. Its design looks like a complete pair of scissors.

It’s too boring for your friend to drink her coffee or tea from a standard cup. She must have a statement cup from which she will drink happily every time. A hairdresser’s a creative person who needs a special gift, out of the ordinary, and if the gift tells more about their job, it’s even better.

3. Box sign All you need it’s love … and great hair

Box sign All you need it's love ... and great hair

A funny gift that will steal your hairdresser a smile and not only! She can hang her on the wall on her salon or on the table. It’s made from wood with a stylish design, and the text it’s perfect for her: ‘All you need is love … and great hair’.

Its dimensions are w6″, h2″,d4′ are perfect for displaying it on the wall or table. It has a stylish design, featuring a shabby chic style.

4. Bad Hair Day mug with Hair Dryer handle

Bad Hair Day mug with Hair Dryer handle

Your hairdresser will start the mornings just perfect using this beautiful mug, made for her! She will sip in style from the cup that says Bad Hair Day and the handle in the shape of a Hair Dryer, a well-known tool for her.

The design’s colorful and the mug it’s made from high-quality ceramic and has a capacity of 14 ounces. It’s ideal for warm or cold drinks.

5. I will cut you keychain

I will cut you keychain

Well, what better statement from a hairstylist if not I will cut you? A very funny gift, your hairdresser will simply love this keychain!

The keychain has an elegant silver design, it’s engraved with the text; ‘I will cut you’ and measure 1.25 inches. A cool and practical gift for your hairdresser.

6. Hairdresser Clock with Elegant detailing

hair dresse clock

Who doesn’t love a unique clock to go on their desk that perfectly depicts their profession? We all love this idea! And, this hairdresser clock does exactly that. Weighted clock features Japan movement and is made of zinc alloy metal. Measuring 3.75” x 3”, the clock is elegantly detailed with all sorts of hairdressing tools to express its awesomeness!

A stylish piece of art, this clock will certainly enhance the decor of any hairdresser’s desk. Not to mention, the silver accents are sleek in every which way. Plus, your hairstylist will get to keep track of time amidst their hectic lifestyle.

7. Professional Salon Desk Organizer

hair salon organizer

Detailing on the sides feature scissors and the storage box in itself looks quite professional. The anti-skid bottom won’t let it slip off the desk at all. It comes all-included with removable bristles to store scissors. Take heed; it measures 5.94” x 3.15” x 4.13”.

If your hairdresser is a clean freak and prefers to have their tools well-organized always, get them this cool desk organizer. It’s a perfect hairdresser gift and adds beauty to any hair salon decor.

8. Unique Business Card Holder-Real Scissors

card holder scissor

If you want to be creative and gift something unique and extraordinary to your hairstylist, then go for this business card holder. Believe it or not, it is made from a real pair of scissors and can hold business cards or even other salon accessories (if you want).

Nothing is more passionate than proudly showcasing your business card in a unique card holder as such. The gift in itself shows the enthusiasm any hairdresser might have for their profession! And, it will be great add-on on any hairdresser’s desk.

9. Salon Life Tote Bag

Salon Life Tote Bag

Your hairstylist would proudly wear this fashionable tote printed with the text: Salon Life and with a hairdryer in the design. It’s a minimalist design tote with a humorous theme that your hairdresser will simply love.

The tote measures 16” x 18”, and the zipper top closure will keep the belongings safe. It’s a nice gift with a cute design for your hairdresser, that will match easily with any style.

10. I give the best blow tote

I give the best blow tote

The ideal gift if your hairstylist has a great sense of humor. The design on the tote says: ” I give the best blow job”, a bold and funny statement.

It is a big tote, that allows keeping many things in it. The tote has a floral design, and it’s made with recycled materials.

11. Infinity love Hairstylist bracelet

Infinity love Hairstylist bracelet

A piece of jewelry made for your hairstylist, this bracelet it’s made with vintage leather and displays the text Hairstylist and has a pair of scissors and infinite sign on it.

An ideal and precious gift for your hairdresser, it says something about her job and passion, and she will wear it proudly, for sure.

12. Stylist sprayers Skull & Scissors

Stylist sprayers Skull & Scissors

A hairdresser never has enough sprayers, so this would make a practical and yet adorable gift, due to its fun print, with skulls and scissors.

The sprayer has a 360-degree spraying option that allows all areas to be reached easily. It also provides 1.25 cc per spray consistently.

13. Cosmetic storage trolley

Cosmetic storage trolley

Every hairdresser has a lot of tools, and it’s really challenging when she has to move or work in another place than the salon. The cosmetic storage trolley it’s ideal for these situations, it can accommodate all her tools easily.

A practical and useful gift that your hairstylist will appreciate.

14. Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional Hair Drier

Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional Hair Drier

What’s a more appropriate gift for a hairdresser, if not a powerful, useful tool that will make her job a lot easier? The Rusk Enigennering professional Drier features an Italian motor that provides superior airflow and air pressure. It’s infused with ceramic and tourmaline to reduce drying time and also emits infra-red heat to dry hair more quickly, eliminating static.

So it’s a gift that will not only make her job easier, but also it will be more efficient. She will dry the hair quickly and finish the job faster. How cool it’s that?

15. Salon scissor hair cutting set

Salon scissor hair cutting set

This set for hair cutting will help your hairdresser make perfect cuts every time and all this in comfort. The set it’s designed for professionals, and this means she can shear all day long and not feel fatigued.

A perfect gift for your hairdressers, that will make her job easier. It’s a gift that she will appreciate for a long time, is made with Japanese steel, which resists for a long period.

16. Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair straightener

Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair straightener

A pure jewel for a hairdresser, this ultimate hair straightener will thrill her! It a gift that will help with her job, and she will be amazed by the effects it provides, easy and simple!

The hair straightener it’s made with ceramic and crystals, which provide silky results. Both customers and your hairdresser will be happy to use this product! And you know, happy client, happy hairdresser! Or vice-versa.

17. Revlon one step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Revlon one step Hair DryerRevlon one step Hair DryerRevlon one step Hair DryerRevlon one step Hair Dryer

A tool that any hairstylist should have, the Revlon hairdryer and volumizer airbrush it’s a Magnifique gift for your own hairdresser. Her job will be much easier using this tool, and the results will be spectacular.

18. Hydraulic Chair Beauty Salon

Hydraulic Chair Beauty Salon

Well, this gift is going to make your hairstylist friend yell of joy! It’s the latest hydraulic chair for any salon. It has an elegant design. It’s comfortable both for the client and the hairdresser.

This gift will be highly appreciated because of its utility. You will be making your hairdresser job easier.

19. Full body massage chair

Full body massage chair

This is in the category of wow gifts. A gift that will allow your hairdresser to take a break for massage any time she wants. And you will be able to benefit from the chair too when you go to the salon.

The full body massage chair has an elegant design and has a full-body airbag, back, and foot roller massage, lower back heating. All she has to do it’s sit back and enjoy the gift.

20. Foot-Spa Massager

foot massage

Your hairdresser is going to be grateful to you for this soothing all-in-one foot spa massager. Its versatile features allow you to use it for high-frequency vibration massage, oxygen bubbles massage and even as heating therapy. Additionally, it also boosts metabolism, soothes fatigue and improves blood circulation. All of the goodness is combined into one small gear!

A study reveals that hairdressers are at higher risk of musculoskeletal problems along with leg and foot pain, given they stand for several hours daily. What gift could be better for your hairstylist than a foot massager? This Kendal Foot Bath Massager offers instant relief from fatigue, and your hairstylist is going to love you for it!

21. Hairdresser-inspired Decal Stickers

Mirror scissors stylist decal

Decal stickers can be affixed to laptop, car, or any hard surface your hairdresser wishes to apply it on! It comes in single white color so that it will stand out on a black surface. Made from premium quality of vinyl, it will last for several years without any sign of cracking, peeling or fading whatsoever!

If you take a closer look, the 8” long sticker says “LOVE” with icons of a hairdryer, mirror, scissors and a wire plug! Naturally, any hairdresser is going to be excited to display the “LOVE” for their profession, especially when it’s conveyed in such a beautiful way!

22. Rhinestone Bling Salon Bib Apron

Bling Bib

Now your hairstylist friend can make a fashion statement with this cute bib style apron made from cotton/polyester. It says “Stylist,” which is further embellished with rhinestones crystals. You can tie it back, and it has a divided patch pocket to store things.

Every hairdresser needs an apron- so why not gift them one with a blingy font? There are 4 different hairstylist-theme apron designs, pick any.

23. Hairstylist Vinyl Record Wall Clock

vinyl wall clock for hairstylist

Next up on our list is yet again a creative clock design, deliberately made for hairdressers. A statement clock is eye-catchy, bold and elegant enough to add a splash of style to any room decor. The incredible thing about this clock is that it is made from an upcycled vinyl record, so you are going to contribute towards eco-friendliness with this purchase.

The hairstylist who admires their job is going to love to hang this clock at their salon or even home. Plus, you can also customize and add a name, date or a quote to the clock!

24. Scissors custom apron

custom hair salon apron

Unlike any other ordinary apron, this apron is all about personalization. Yes, you heard it right! You can design a custom apron with your choice of apron color and lettering color as well. The apron is 30” long and has two 7” wide front pockets for handy storage of small things.

Now how thoughtful would it be to design an apron for your hair stylist with her name on it? You know they are going to like it. An apron is a must for every hairdresser- so help them get one customized for themselves!

25. “Love is in the Hair” Mug- Beautician gifts

hair dresser mug

Love is in the Hair” and how true is that? After all, your hair is what takes your look to a whole new level. So, how about appreciating the one who makes this possible? Your Hairdresser. Gift them this cute ceramic mug that has “Love is in the Hair” professionally printed on both sides. It is available in 3 different sizes as well.

Whether your hairdresser is a coffee fanatic or a hot chocolate lover, a hair stylist-theme mug will put a smile on their face and keep them going through their busy day.

26. One Inch Perfect Necklace with Ruler Charm

necklece hairstylist gift

Have you ever seen a necklace that’s stylish as well as functional? Yes, just like this one here. The charm on this necklace measures exactly one inch, so the customer, as well as hairdresser, are going to know how much one inch measures while cutting hair, No confusion at all. Isn’t this gift idea one-of-a-kind?

The necklace has antique silver charm and a rhinestone. As per your liking, you can choose chain length as well as charm color.


hair cut umbrella

No matter which salon you step foot in, you will certainly find a haircut umbrella there. An umbrella is a must-have tool for any hairdresser and is quite versatile as well. You can use it for styling, cutting and even while shampooing.

This umbrella fully folds down flat for convenient storage. Made from Polyester, the haircut umbrella measures 25” x 6”. Moreover, it also adjusts itself to any neck size and can be clasped snugly with the help of tab closure.

Why is it a great gift idea for a hair stylist? Because it is going to eliminate the need to sweep and vacuum the floor all the time. There will be no hair on the floor as the umbrella will accommodate all of it. Plus, there will be no hair on client’s clothes as well.

Final Words

If you are searching for unique ideas as the best gift for a hairstylist, then you need to make sure it’s thoughtful and relatable to them. You cannot always leave the salon with a hefty tip, can you? Instead, why not try and find a personal gift that goes with their taste of style?

Your hairstylist is always ready to take care of your hair all throughout the year! So, on your account, take a day out and thank them for their efforts through a gift. It will be like a little token of appreciation!

We hope this comprehensive list of 16 Best gift ideas for hairstylist helps you with your buying decision. All of the ideas mentioned above are quite awesome and unique in every which way.

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