The Top 18 Best Gift For Police Officer

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Choosing a gift requires a lot of brainstorming. And finding the best gift for a police officer can be an uphill climb.

Whether you need a gift for an upcoming retirement or graduation party, to celebrate an upcoming birthday or promotions or maybe as a Christmas gift ideas, you need to search for best gift ideas for cops that will surely give any cops in your life a reason to smile.

And the good news is: There are hundreds to thousands of gift ideas for police officer out there that can suit every occasion.

 Different police funny gifts should give them a perfect start to each day and a wonderful way to help them unwind after a long day at work. Moreover, there are practical or tactical gifts that you can give them to make their life a little easier.

Whether the police officer in your life happens to be your parent, spouse or a friend, there are police gifts out there that they will certainlyappreciate.

Here are some of the best gifts for a police officer that you can give:

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1- Gun Mug

BigMouth Inc. Gun Mug

If you know a police officer who enjoys quirky things and a good laugh, this mug will make the perfect gift for them. The mug features a pistol-grip handle, which gives it a fierce look. It’s made from ceramic and therefore, keeps the coffee hot for a long time. It’s big too and can hold up to 14 ounces of coffee. Police officers often lead a busy life and forever have too much on their plate. The least you can do is get their daily coffee needs sorted.

2- Police Officer’s Decanter – Globe Decanter w/Law Enforcement Badge

Police Officer's Decanter

When you see the absolute worst the world has to show, you need an excellent whiskey to get you a good night’s sleep. This beautiful decanter with the Law Enforcement Badge on it is a piece of exceptional craftsmanship and a perfect gift for any police officer. The base features oak, and the decanter itself is made from etched lead-free glass. The glass stopper not only keeps the liquor from evaporating but also protects its taste, smell, and quality. This one-liter decanter is designed for holding hard liquors, such as bourbon, brandy, cognac, scotch, and whiskey, and is the right gift for any police officer. More importantly, the company plants a tree for every decanter sold. Amazing, isn’t?

3- Cop Jokes Pocketguide

Cop Jokes Pocketguide

Police officers deal with a lot of stressful situations each day. They must, therefore, have something with them that can make them forget their tensions and worries and enjoy a good laugh. The Cop Jokes Pocketguide is, thus, the perfect gift for any police officer. The guide is filled with nerve-tickling cop jokes and will keep your cop friends laughing for hours.

4- Miniature Tactical Vest Beverage Holder

​Miniature Tactical Vest Beverage Holder​​​

This is probably one of the funniest gifts that you can give to cops. A hilarious drink koozie taking the shape of a tactical vest with the word POLICE on the front makes a good police car organizer.

 It makes a great drink holder while your police officer is on duty, particularly when they are clad with the very same gear. But, it is also an excellent item for off-duty cops that will surely crack up everyone around. Its backside has the Thin Blue Line American flag which gives this item a somber edge.

5- Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

Police officers protect the entire society, and thus, we often presume they are invincible. The truth is our police officers need protection too. The best way to protect oneself is to stay ready for whatever may come. This Smith & Wesson folding knife is a perfect accessory for any police officer. It’s compact and therefore, will fit nicely anywhere. It’s also made from quality materials and will easily last long years.

6- EVISTR 16 GB Digital Voice Recorder

EVISTR 16 GB Digital Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a handy and cool gift for a police officer, consider investing your money in this voice-activated voice recorder. Police officers need smart gadgets at their disposal to be able to do their job well. With this voice recorder, your police officer friend will be able to record clear voices and listen to them later for clues. They will also be able to transfer all of these voice recordings and store them on their PC, MAC, or Linux while charging the device on-the-go. Complete with repeat, fast forward, and rewind functions, this voice recorder will most certainly help all police officers maintain law and order.

7- Billipala Policemen Apron Funny

Billipala Policemen Apron Funny

If you are lucky enough to have a police officer in your life who protects you and also makes you great food, surprise them with this Billipala Policemen apron. This digital print on this apron makes it the right gift for any policeman. It’s made from cotton-blend fabric and is machine washable — you can hand wash or machine wash it without worrying at all about ruining the print.

8- YKL World Police Car Night Light

YKL World Police Car Night Light

This 2D-acrylic plate LED light is the perfect accessory to go into a police officer’s room. Further, it has two modes: single color mode and seven color mode. It uses a 9 LED beads power source and, therefore, will reflect very lightly on your power bill. The light is soft and takes only three hours to get fully charged. Once fully charged, it delivers seven hours in the colored light setting and two hours in the single light setting.

9- Threadrock Baby Boy’s Proud Son Bodysuit

Threadrock Baby Boy's Proud Son Bodysuit

No feeling in the world is more beautiful than becoming a proud father. If you are looking for a gift for the newborn of a police officer, your search stops here. This comfortable bodysuit made from ringspun cotton is adorable in every way and is the right gift for a police man’s son. The three-snap closure will make it easy for the parents to put it on their son and remove it when needed. The bodysuit is available in four different colors, and so, you also have options to choose from.

10- CyberDyer Handcuff Holder

CyberDyer Handcuff Holder

This handcuff holder features a two-snap fastener, which can be used to increase the height of the case and a hidden snap that policemen can use to secure the case safely inside. It features a belt loop at the back using which the case can also be attached to the belt. This cuff holder is made from thick nylon, and its high-temperature molding will allow it to survive all kinds of conditions and situations. It also comes with a 6-month warranty. So, if you are not happy with the product, you can always return it.

11- Every Man Jack Body Kit

Every Man Jack Body Kit

Police officers stay out day and night, and thus, their skin and body see absolutely the worst. This kit is, therefore, an excellent gifting option for all police officers. The kit includes a sandalwood-based body wash, shampoo, and deodorant, all of which also contain glycerin, rosemary, and sage essential oils for skin rejuvenation. Further, the products do not contain any parabens, phthalates, dyes, and GMOs, are hundred percent naturally made and are cruelty-free.

12- Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set by Royal Reserve

Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set by Royal Reserve

This 16-piece bartender set is sure to bring a smile on any policeman’s face. This set includes everything a person needs to create a perfect cocktail: muddlers, juggers, strainers, a martini shaker, etc. All of these components fit perfectly inside an eco-friendly bamboo stand that will sit nicely anywhere in your kitchen and also add to its beauty. The set includes a cocktail recipe book that will teach you and your policemen friends how to make over 200 different types of cocktails. Made from high-quality steel, all the components are highly durable and will last you a lifetime. This bar set comes with a one-year guarantee. So, you can also quickly return it if you are not happy with the purchase.

Be Safe Key Chain

As we all know, police officers have a dangerous job. They protect other people and catch the bad guys, even come to the rescue on accidents and wars. They are the people’s protector,and thus they swim in dangerous waters.

 Made from stainless steel, this simple keychain with “Be Safe. Always come home” engraved on it is the best gift ideas for police boyfriend or husband that will surely warm their heart out. Nothing is more joyful than knowing that someone is wishing for you to be safe and waiting for you to come home.

14- Police Officer Man Socks

Police Officer Man Socks

Add a little humor to your gift with this police officer man socks. It can be a good police academy graduation gift that serves as a simple daily reminder that he is now the police officer in your life.

It fits shoe sizes of 7 to 12, and your police officer will surely love the comfortable blend of nylon, spandex and cotton materials. To make him more proud the bottom of each sock reads: dedicated courageous, admirable, protective, brave, strong, heroic, concerned, community-minded.

15- Correctional Officer Shirt

Correctional Officer Shirt

Policemen and women will surely love the humor of this T-Shirt that reads: “I can’t fix stupid,but I can cuff it.” Choose one of the 5 colors (Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Brown,and Olive) that suits their personality, wrap and give it as a gift.

 It is that simple. Any cops will love the comfort of polyester and cotton blends.

16- Police Husband Daddy Hero Shirt

Police Husband Daddy Hero Shirt

There are times when all a policeman needs is the support and love, an assurance that someone is proud of them and appreciates the sacrifices that they make.

And this tee is the perfect gift idea for times like that. Let the police officer of your life show off how proud he is to be a police officer with three simple words: Father, Husband, Hero.

And the badge with the American flag makes it more meaningful. Choose the perfect color for your precious officer (Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, and Dark Heather) and show them you care.

17- Always Come Home To Me

Always Come Home To Me

Much like the first keychain, this comes in 2 pieces. The bigger one has a line that reads: “Always come home safe to me” with a cutout shape for the smaller charm with a line that reads: “My hero.”The perfect couple gift that signifies a remarkable symbol of a harmonious love relationship.

18-Off Duty Police Socks​​​

Off Duty Police Socks

Cops rarely get the chanceto sit back and relax. So, give them the perfect excuse to be comfortable and relax every once in a while with these funny police officer gifts.

A high-quality pair of socks with the comfy and soft interior, the police socks is the coolest! They have a timeless design which can never go out of style and the humorous touch is much on a point which gives everyone around them a reason to laugh and smile.


Whatever gift you end up giving to that special cop, the most important gift that you can always give is your support and love. Police officers work hard through tough days and always thinking about the safety of others before theirs. 

However, knowing that they have people out there who appreciate their devotions and sacrifices will certainly make their job a lot easier. And these gifts for police officers are thoughtful tokens that will surely keep them fighting through the hard times.

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