Top 25 Best Gift For Comic Book Lover in Your Life

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Whether your Marvel geek friend is celebrating his birthday or thinking what nerdy anniversary gifts you will give to your DC fanatic boyfriend, coming up with the best gift for comic book lover is tougher than most.


Well, it is because they typically get what they need or want on a weekly basis at their local comic shops. And unless you know their favorite clerk behind the counter, then it is hard to know exactly what they have already and what is on their wish list.

Regardless of this, comic book readers will ALWAYS want more— and there is usually something special beyond their means. If you are running out of ideas on what to give comic fans, then here is a list of gift ideas that will excite a nerd of every age with some comic swag and indulge their geeky obsessions.

Marvel Encyclopedia

The perfect Marvel gift for all Marvel comic dorks out there!

Give this all-inclusive encyclopedia with details of little-known facts and info about over 1,200 iconic Marvel heroes to a die-hard Marvel fan,and he will be taking you for life!

Heck, he might even start showing it to you and reciting every heroes name!

This Marvel Encyclopedia was created in full collaboration with Marvel comic. Featuring new entries on the very latest teams and characters, updated facts on existing ones and their lateststorylines and looks and expanded entries on major Marvel superheroes like Thor, Spiderman,and The Avenger, this gift can make any superhero lover swoon!

Captain Cat America Super Hero Vintage Art Paint

Captain Cat America Super Hero Art Paint

With a vow to serve his country in any way that he could, the gallant Mr. Wiskers has taken the super soldier serum and became a one-cat army of America.

Give your friend’s inner superhero being a twist with this cool vintage art paint.

Just so you know, this art is not just any art. It was printed on an authentic antique dictionary page from the 1900s to give the amazing storyline and vintage feel.

DC 6-Pack Men’s Crew Sock Set

DC 6-Pack Men's Crew Sock Set

Give your geeky friend geeky protection from cold feet with these geeky super socks.

The world’s greatest super socks come in 6 pairs of Justice League characters: Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman— making it the perfect giftset for the DC-loving dorks during the cold winter months.

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Keep your geeky friends busy (aside from reading countless comic books) with this ultimate LEGO building kit— the Star War’s Millenium Falcon.

It will take dedication and effort to build this, but that is exactlywhat your nerdy friend loves!

And after he built this amazing LEGO kit, his pride and joy will be noticeable in how he displays the most awesome gift he got from you.

Groot Chia Pet

Chia Pet Groot With Seed Pack

Asking comic fans to take care of a plant might be asking for a lot. However, this is a Chia Pet, people! It does not require much work and effort to grow. And just look at this glorious Chia mold.

And it’s Groot, for goodness sake! Who wouldn’t want to grow that adorable tree trunk from Guardians of the Galaxy, right?

I AM GROOT! (translated as no one!)

Chia Zombie

Chia Pet Zombie With Seed Pack

No one wants a zombie apocalypse. But surely geeky comic fans will have lots of ghoulishly fun in growing this Chia Zombie Hand. Decorating is a scream with Zombie Hand in your geeky friend’s haunted house.

Batman-Shaped Ceramic Coffee Mug

batman Coffee Mug

Any dark knight lovers will love a collectible item of their favorite, super-rich, hunk DC character Batman.

This all sleek black drinking mug shaped into a slick Batman design will give them the perfect “Dark Knight” feels.

Let them feel like the Batman as they sip a hot coffee while working on a nightshift.

Comic Book Reader T-Shirt

comic book tshirts

Let your friend show off how proud he is to be a comic book nerd with this awesome T-Shirt saying

“That’s what I do. I read comics,and I know things.”

Classic fit, lightweight and easy to wash, this T-Shirt is perfect for everyday wear to the mall and even to comic conventions.

Comics Batman Xbox One Controller

Xbox Batman Gaming Skin

It isn’t exactly Wayne Tech, but this Batman Xbox One Controller Skin is a geeky way to control the Batman on Batman: Arkham Knight video game.

This should give your friend the ultimate Dark Knight feels while playing his favorite Batman video game.

Captain America Crossbody Bag

X Marvel Captain Crossbody Bag

Perfect for Cap’s fans with important things and stuff too carry.

This canvas bag is tough and brave and is here to save the American way. It got plenty of secure pockets and patriotic patches, allowing die-hard Cap fans show their love for the Star-Spangled hunk in style.

Guardians Of The Galaxy GeekiTikis

GotG GeekiTikis Mug

The Guardian of the Galaxy is here to protect us— or in this case that geeky person in your life. Let these Marvel box office favorites protect your friend from the evils of malaria and scurvy with these Guardians of the Galaxy GeekiTikis.

And of course, they will come as the team and family we always see in the movie:

Mix-tape geek Star-Lord, weapon-lover Rocket Raccoon, papa Groot plus baby Groot, Thanos’ princess Gamora, and the invincible Drax.

Deadpool Dead Eyes Lounge Pants

Deadpool Santa Plaid Sleep Lounge Pants

Deadpool has become naughty and wants to get into your pants, or in this case your geeky friends’ pants.

And I’m pretty sure your friend will love it during the cold winter nights (so long it is not the real Deadpool, or maybe they will)


Hammer Of Legend: Mjölnir

Thor Ragnarok Keychain

We are never worthy… With the exception (maybe) of your geeky friend who follows the life and history of Thor, the God of Thunder and his hammer of legend, the Mjolnir.

Give this as a worthy gift for any geeks in your life to make them feel protected.

Avengers Tee

Marvel Avengers tshirts

There was an idea… To bring together a group of remarkable people in an adorable T-shirt.

To make them work together when we needed them to go out and showjust how geeky you are.

To fight battles we never could, and to make them so freakin’ adorable in Tokidoki style!

Yep, a pretty adorable gift, if you ask me.

Spider-Man Cufflinks

Spiderman Cufflinks

With a flick of his wrists, Peter, oh sorry, I mean Spider-Man can send a super-strong, sticky web to propel himself across New York or to trap his enemies.

Go spideyweb, go! But, please informyour good friend that these spider-man cufflinks will not do that, so they will not be so hyped up! (hashtag~SadFeels)

But one thing it can do is it gives your dorky friend the chance to take his geeky pride and show off just how Spider-man fanatic he is toformal or semi-formal events.

Captain America Shield Backpack

Captain America Shield Backpack

Captain America’s shield on your back. Now, that’s a shield back or backpack shield? Whatever!

Much like how you see Steve Rogers (Mr. Captain America, sir) wears his shield, get this awesome shield backpack for your superhero lover friend to make him feel like he is on a mission to save the world!

Captain America Shield Watch

Captain America Shield Watchs

Let your friend show off his love for comics and vigilant superheroes and be always on time to work with this Captain America Shield watch.

Featuring a watch with blue, silver and red accents, its face has the Cap’s shield to let anyone know who’s gonna be the next Winter Soldier.

Warn your friend, though, that this watch is not made from vibranium-steel alloy and cannot deflect swords, bullets, as well as an impact from Thor’s Mjolnir (sad face)

Deadpool Bomb Cufflinks

Deadpool Bomb Cufflinks red

Cufflinks that looks like bombs that Deadpool would throw away (wait, thatis Deadpool), perfect for the anti-hero gentleman friend you got there.

Give this as a gift to your Deadpool-lover friend to unleash his Deadpool evil-likeness side that will make our good old pal Deadpool happy.

Just look at that smiling face!

Game Of Thrones Longclaw Sword Of Jon Snow

GOT Longclaw

Let your friend be so honored by giving him this version of Longclawas a gift.

The legendary sword from House Mormont’s which Ser Jeor gave to Jon Snow, and now to your dear friend!

 From Lions and direwolves and bears!

Iron Throne Room Construction Set

GOT Throne Room

In the pursuit for the Iron Throne, there are but two options:

To win or to die.


But also tell your friend there is a third option you are gonna give him:

To construct and build his own Iron Throne and a little 2-inch scale King Joffrey to doexactly whathe wants.

Rick &Morty Portal Gun

Rick and Morty Portal Gon

A portal gun should be amazing (if it does exist), your geeky friend might say.

But, we are not just ready to have interdimensional portals and let unimaginable being in here right? So, let your nerdy friend indulge and practice himself with this gun that lights up and sound like the real thing until Earth is ready for the real deal.

FunkoVynl Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty Funko Pop

Rick and Morty have been Funkoed, making them a perfect collection for the geeky-natured.  Always comes in a set of two so they will not be lonely, give Rick and Morty a new home and bring joy to your collection cabinet!

Justice League Wonder Woman Statue

Wonder Women Figure

You might want to shield yourself with Wonder Woman’s cross gauntlet pose. You never know what might happen.

But, wait…

This one’s a statue. So it is not capable of much. Now, that would delight every Wonder Woman fans out there. And probably fend off solicitors and tiny annoying insects, at the least?

Batman Justice League Card Wallet With Money Clip

Batman Money Clip

Batman has high-tech gadgets and the long black cape. But he has no superpowers.


What was Batman’s answer when the Flash asked about his superpowers again?

“I’m rich.” (poker face on)

Ohhh yeah, right!

Now, maybe (just maybe), Bruce Wayne has this Batwallet to carry all his richness right? And maybe it looks something like this?

If it does, then any DC-geeks will love one of these.

Hulkbuster Bank

Iron Man Hulkbuster

The hulkbuster bank is the best gift for nerds saving up for their Iron Man suit.

Just like Dr. Banner’s other guy, the Hulkbuster bank is like a backup plan, something that you do not wish to use, but is always there in case something goes terribly wrong (or right)— like an Asgardian-Frost Giant by the name of Loki taunting and asking you to come at a large comic convention.


Whether your friend enjoy keeping up with their favorite universe on the big screen or they love drowning in the pages of a couple of graphic novels, there will always be something that you can give as a gift that will unleash their awesome geekiness and comic swag. I hope you can make your comic bookworm friend happy with these comic book ideas (which I know will!)

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