The Most Awesome Gift Ideas for a College Professor

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If there were a list of uncelebrated heroes, then college professors would probably be on top. This may be attributed to the popular culture that makes geeks look “uncool.” But, no one can refute the valuable contributions that these geniuses bring to our society. So, if you have that professor or tutor or teacher, who did a lot to mold you to be who you are and you feel like you want to appreciate them, then this article is for you. Read along and familiarize yourself with the best gift ideas you can give to a college professor.

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1. ​​​Gopush Floating Globe

Professors are intelligent individuals and anything that will stimulate their minds will automatically excite them. The level of sophistication of the Gopush Floating Globe will stimulate his intelligent senses.

It has a Globe world map ball that floats on a c-shape base using magnetic elevation. Installation is quite easy.

You need to ensure that the c-shape base is properly seated on a level surface and plugged into power. The only tricky part is balancing the globe between the two magnets that are on the opposite ends of the base.Once the globe balances, you let it go.

However, you need not worry about the installation tidbits, as a user manual comes with it.One of the highlights of this gift is that the globe changes color as it spins. It also has a built-in speed sensor that automatically turns the speed of rotation of the globe.

The Gopush Floating Globe was specifically designed for his office desk or his table at his study room at home.​

It is, therefore, one of the best gifts for a college professor. Making his mind spin with imagination by purchasing this gift here.

​2. P​​​​owerTRC N​ewtons Cradle Balance Balls 7 ¼ inch

This is another classic accessory for his office desk. As its name suggests, this accessory was named after the great Isaac Newton, and it puts into effect Newton’s laws of motion. It is, therefore, an excellent gift for a professor, especially if he is in the field of physics.

The concept behind this item is straightforward: you lift one steel ball and release it. The ball will hit the next ball, which will hit the next one and the process continues until the last ball is hit. The last ball will be suspended the same distance as the first one.

Although the concept of the swinging spheres may seem absurdly simple, the process involved is quite complex. It is a demonstration of how energy and momentum from an initial point pass through a series of identical paths; and the same power and momentum is ultimately deposited to the last element in the path, creating the same effect as the initial element. Purchase the PowerTRC Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls here.

​3.Aquatic Arts Marimo Aquarium Kit

In Japan, marimo balls are used as good luck charms. When given to a loved one, they symbolize a close-knit, loving relationship. The marimo aquarium kit is, therefore, a perfect birthday gift for a professor. The kit comprises of one nano marimo approximately 1ʺ in size that is shaped into a sphere.​

Accompanying the marimo are river stones and a sea fan, which complement the appearance of the marimo. There is also a 7oz glass jar with rounded edges that the marimo, the rocks, and the sea fan are kept in.

Maintenance of the marimo is relatively easy. It should be kept in freshwater, which is to be changed twice a week. The good thing about marimo is that they grow slowly and may live up to 200 years. It can, therefore, be a generational gift that is passed on from one generation to another.

Once it becomes significant, it can be divided into several pieces for individual members of the family. Initiate a new family culture that will be adopted by future generations by purchasing the Marimo Aquarium Kit here.

4.Desktop Mesmerizing Yin-Yang Motif Round Sand Picture, Green Color

No words can express the level of excitement we experienced when we first came across this item. Aside from the fact that it is an obvious beauty on an office desk, the curvy design of the glass plates affects the movement of the sand.

The sand can, therefore, be manipulated to form different scenes and patterns by rotating or inverting the frame at the base. And as the sand moves, it litters resulting in an eye-catching display.

Purchase the Desktop Mesmerizing Yin-Yang Motif Round Sand Picture here and watch as his mind get blown away with excitement.

​5.Rosewood FountainPen Writing Set with Black Gift Box

Specially designed for executives and individuals at upper echelons of society, this fountain pen is the right gift for a college professor considering that he is at the pinnacle of his field. Nicely packed in a black gift box, this handcrafted antique pen is stylish. It has a medium sized nib, perfect for signatures.

Since it is a fountain pen, you can either fill it using ink cartridges, or you can dip it into a bottle of ink and twist the knob to draw in ink. Making him sign signatures in style using the Rosewood Fountain Pen.

​6.Kungyo Universal Aluminum Alloy Round Metal Pencil Holder Pot

Keep his stationery organized with this sleek pen holder. Made from real premium aluminum alloy, the pen holder is rust and scratch resistant. The shiny appearance makes it look beautiful on the office desk and can be easily cleaned by just wiping it with a wet cloth.

The combination of heavy duty aluminum and a rubber mat at the bottom ensures that the holder is stable and does not easily slip. Its durability cannot be put into question, because it is made from high quality aluminum. Help him keep his workspace organized with this Aluminum Alloy Round Metal Pencil Holder Pot.

7.DCI Pop Quiz Clock, Black, and White

All geeks love intellectual challenges. Your favorite professor is therefore not an exception. Designed as a mathematical riddle, each number on this clock is a different mathematical problem that needs to be computed to reveal the number.

The black matte background blends well with the white letters and numbers. With a diameter of around 11 ½ inches, this clock is perfect for any wall at home, work or classroom making it an excellent gift for a professor. Purchase the DCI Pop Quiz Clock here and make him exercise his mind.

​8.11 Ounce White Ceramic Coffee Mug

Revitalize his coffee breaks with this coffee mug. The mug holds 11oz of coffee, enough to keep him satisfied and refreshed. It is printed with high quality ink that has no chance of fading.

The bright white color of the mugs ensures that the words stand out and are visible. The cup is also safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. The words “Coffee. Teach. Sleep. Repeat.” make this mug a personalized gift for the professor. So, surprise him one of these fine holidays with this gift by purchasing it here.

9.Premium Laboratory Beaker Mug

Now, if there is one gift that will keep him thinking and laughing at the same time is this mug. At the front of this mug is embedded a caffeine molecule, which he will be cracking his brain to decipher, as it is quite familiar with geeks.

At the back of it is a graduation scale that will leave him bursting with laughter. Based on the scale, he is more likely to gulp all his caffeine intake on a daily basis to satisfy his ego that he is a genius.

A tidbit fact about this mug is that it is an actual laboratory beaker modified into a mug. It is manufactured by hard borosilicate making it more resistant to thermal shock than ordinary glass mugs. It is, therefore, one of the best gift ideas for professors.

So, let him enjoy a full dose of 14oz caffeine that will arouse his inner genius by purchasing the Laboratory Beaker Mug here.

10.Echo Dot (2nd Generation)- Smart Speaker with Alexa- Black

Since the professor is a brilliant individual, it would make sense if you bought him a gift that is as smart as he is. That is what Echo Dot is- an intelligent gadget that controls virtually every gadget within its radar.

This voice-controlled device controls TVs, lights, garage doors, thermostats, locks, sprinklers, etc. It can even play online music from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. You can make calls and send messages in a hands-free approach using this device.

It is so accurate to the point that it can hear your voice commands from different rooms, even in a noisy environment. Make your professor’s life easier by purchasing the Echo Dot here.

11.Poetry Thank You Teacher Frame

This is a thank you gift for a professor for his selfless work as a mentor or an educator in your life. The mahogany frames, molded with golden finishing will surely act as decor on his wall, either at home or work. This gift is designed to include his photo and name, making it a very personal gift. If the artistic design of the photo frame does not impress him, then the beautiful message of the poem will.

​Composed by a team of revered poets, the poem is a personalized message of appreciation that you want to pass across to your favorite educator. He will probably remember you for the rest of his life with this gift. Show your appreciation for him by ordering the Poetry Thank You Teacher Picture Frame here.

12.Trust Me​ : I’m a Professor 8 Inch Sticker

You may be wondering why we chose such a simple gift to include in this listicle. It is a fact that there are other gifts far much better than this one. However, our team never underestimates the power of simplicity.

This sticker will announce to the world that the person driving in front of them is a professor and you will be surprised by the level of respect he will be getting as a result. Made from high quality vinyl, this sticker will weather all the harsh climatic conditions outside.

It is therefore impervious to peeling, cracking and fading and has a lifespan of more than seven years. The sticker is also 8 inches wide, which is large enough to be viewed from a significant distance. It may be custom made to his favorite color. Order a Trust Me; I’m a Professor Decal here.

13.Novelty Fun Shower Curtain Einstein Cartoon Decorations

Give his bathroom a unique makeover with this state of the art decorative shower curtain. At 70 inches long and 69 inches wide, this curtain is large enough to keep his bathroom area private. Made from high quality Turkish fabric, it comes with hooks for mounting and easy slide.

The high-resolution graphics are printed with digital printing technology, which makes the colors resistant to fading. The curtain is waterproof and quickly dries after you complete your shower. Therefore, chances of it catching molds or mildew are very low.

Furthermore, it has an animated photo of Albert Einstein. As soon as the curtain is slid, you know that a geek is on the other side. Purchase a Fun Shower Curtain here.

14.I Teach. What’s Your Superpower Sign

Make him feel like a superhero with this mini plaque. With measurements of only 4×4 inches, this sign proudly proclaims that “I Teach. What about you”, not as a derogatory message but as a statement of his contribution towards the eradication of intellectual incompetence. Made according to customer specifications, you can customize it to meet his preferences.

However, it usually comes in different shades of blue with black letterings. Depending on your order, the sign may come with a hanger to be suspended on the wall, or a magnet may be attached to it at the back to be stuck on a metallic surface. Let him announce to the whole world that he is a teacher by purchasing this plaque here.

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