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  • Congratulations to you and your spouse for completing 17 years of togetherness

    Top 25 Gift Ideas For 17th Anniversary For Him, Her And Them

    Congratulations to you and your spouse for completing 17 years of togetherness. With all the ups and downs of life, you both have successfully sailed through a long, long journey.  Traditionally speaking, the 17th anniversary signifies strength. And on completing this milestone, we’re sure you want to gift your loved one with the most perfect gift. …

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  • Advanced Guide to Best Aquarium Sand

    Advanced Guide to Best Aquarium Sand [with Review]

    Having sand in the aquarium totally changes the aesthetics of your aquarium. This is true for all kinds of aquarium – freshwater, saltwater, shrimp, planted, everything! However, aquarium does more than just enhancing the beauty. It helps the mechanical filtration and sometimes provides essential minerals that boost the health of the fish and the plants. So, how …

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  • Best Refugium Ligh

    Best Refugium Light For Your Aquarium With Advanced Guide

    If you are somewhat familiar with the reef tanks, you should already know about the refugium. For those of you who don’t know what a refugium is, it’s an additional tank connected to the main one that keeps a balance of the main tank’s water chemistry. Think of it as a support tool for the main …

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  • 14th Anniversary Gift Ideas

    Best and Thoughtful 14th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him, Her and Them

    Each anniversary has a theme of its own. And the 14th anniversary too has a special significance in the traditions. It is known as the ivory anniversary. This signifies integrity, loyalty, and devotion that 2 people have shared for all these years. And to celebrate 14 years of love, a unique and lovely gift will do …

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  • What Is the Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank

    What Is the Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank: The Newbie-Friendly Guide!

    One of the biggest rookie mistakes of a new fishkeeper is choosing the wrong aquarium. At times they go for a huge tank and fail miserably to maintain it. If you are new to the scenario, you should start from small. So, your first tank should be a 10-gallon fish tank. These tanks are small yet …

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  • A Guide to Best CO2 Diffuser

    A Guide to Best CO2 Diffuser in 2020

    People often consider a CO2 diffuser to be an unnecessary device. This is a completely false ideology – they are almost an essential part of a planted tank. Aquatic plants occasionally feel a shortage of CO2 in the tank and can’t produce enough food for themselves. As a result, they tend to grow at a timid …

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  • Best Salt for Reef Tank and Full Buying Guide on How to Choose The Right One

    Choosing the best salt for the reef tank requires quite a bit of research to determine the right salt mixture for your coral. It is important to note that every reef tank needs a different kind of salt mixture to achieve ideal parameters. Salt is also an essential part of the reef tank maintenance just because …

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  • Peacock Cichlid

    Your Guide to a Peacock Cichlid

    Peacock Cichlids are a popular aquarium fish. Their striking colors and interactive personalities help them stand out among other freshwater fish. Although some regard cichlids as a difficult fish to keep, it is relatively easy to keep these fish happy and healthy with a little background knowledge. Are you ready to get a Peacock Cichlid? Table of …

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  • Best LED Aquarium Lighting

    How to Choose the Best LED Aquarium Lighting? A Definitive Guide

    Getting aquarium lights is not a luxury but a necessity. If you are planning to have plants in the tank, then think of the lights as a must. Among all types of lights, certainly LED prevails superiority above the others. With the LED lights being too popular, you can find an abundance of options available in …

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  • Best Sand for Reef Tank

    6 Best Sand for Reef Tank and Important Things To Look Out For When Setting Up a Reef Tank

    A reef tank is a marine aquarium where you can display live corals and other marine invertebrates. However, maintaining a coral in your aquarium might be difficult. Reef tanks require appropriate lightning, turbulent water movement, and more stable water chemistry than an ordinary tank. The sand plays the most important role in a reef tank. It …

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  • Best Koi Food

    A Guide to Choose the Best Koi Food

    Koi have a unique food habit that changes with the season. So, you will have to be extra careful about choosing the best koi food. Moreover, you will have to consider the habitat too. Are you keeping the fish in the pond or the tank? There is a lot to consider and a lot of questions to …

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  • Best Food for Guppies: The Comprehensive Guide

    Best Food for Guppies: The Comprehensive Guide

    When it comes to food, guppies tend not to be very selective. They will probably eat anything that connects with their palates. But you should be picky as they are not. Offering the wrong food might harm your guppies very much – it can even lead to fatal diseases. So, what should feed to your guppies? Well, there …

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  • Best Cichlid Food

    Review of the Best Cichlid Food and Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Cichlid Fish

    Finding the best cichlid food might be difficult in most cases just because you have to pay attention to several things. Firstly, you have to provide the best cichlid food to give them the right nutrients to grow and look their best. Second, you have to understand how these fish live in the wild because …

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  • Goldfish Nutrition Guide

    Goldfish Nutrition Guide: What is The Best Food for Goldfish?

    Goldfish aren’t picky eaters – they will gobble down food until there is nothing left. The problem doesn’t lie with feeding but with overfeeding! So, if you don’t have 100% control over what they are having for lunch and dinner, they will soon become sick and might even die! One the other hand, if you take care …

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  • Best HOB Filter

    A Guide to Select the Best HOB Filter: Review + Buying Guide

    Day-by-day, more and more fish keepers, are getting interested in getting a Hang on Back or HOB type for their tanks. The reasons are also very simple. These filters are sleek yet powerful, and very easy to maintain. Most of the HOB filters will also have the three-stage filtration process that takes care of every kind …

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  • The Advanced Guide on Best Plants for Goldfish Tank

    The Advanced Guide on Best Plants for Goldfish Tank

    Nothing can enhance the living conditions and the aquatic environment of a goldfish tank better than plants. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the plants as a tool for beautification; they can improve the water quality to a great extent too. So, do goldfish need plants? It’s not mandatory, but it is a beautiful thing to …

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  • A Guide to the Best Aquarium Wave Maker

    A Guide to the Best Aquarium Wave Maker | With Review & Buying Guide

    Fish thrive better in a water body that has waves and currents. Well, naturally, they are used to live in such conditions. The good news is that you can create such an environment artificially with a wave maker. A wavemaker is not just a tool to enhance the looks of the aquarium set up but also …

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  • Top 4 Best Substrate for Goldfish

    Top 4 Best Substrate for Goldfish and Guide How to Choose The Right One

    Every goldfish owner needs to make decisions before they jump into the fishkeeping hobby. Choosing the best substrate for goldfish is one of the decisions that will have a big impact on your goldfish’s health. There are different things that you have to take into consideration to make sure you create the perfect environment for …

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  • Do Goldfish Need a Heater?

    Do Goldfish Need a Heater?

    The ultimate goal of an aquarium hobbyist is to mimic the tank so that the fish can love their best lives. As room temperature is often not an adequate means of achieving the right temperature, devices are sometimes used to warm or cool a tank. Every fish has very different needs, and you might be surprised to …

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  • Top 5 Best Filters for Goldfish

    Top 5 Best Filters for Goldfish and Guide How to Choose the Right One

    There are many things to know before you decide to buy your aquarium kit. The best way to buy all the necessary equipment that will keep your fish healthy all the time is if you research that field. Many beginners want to own a beautiful aquarium and get into the fish keeping hobby without knowing …

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